Now it may only be a concept car, and it might have one of the worst names in motoring history, but the Nissan Friend-Me is set to turn heads at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Nissan-Friend-Me-Concept Feature

Despite sounding like a terrible social media website, Nissan is dead serious about what this car presents in terms of future design processes.

Looking like a road version of the flying cars from Bruce Willis film Fifth Element, the Nissan Friend-Me features an almost singular pane of black glass running from the windshield, to the passenger window, to the back panel.

Nissan Friend Me Concept face on


This smooth streamlined effect makes the car look like it’s wearing those sunglasses that wrap around your head. How cool is that?

The V-line grille and waving, smooth lines gives the impression that the car is hurtling down a futuristic highway, even when stood it is still.

LED lights are presented in a casing that looks like the car is winking at you, which instantly draws the attention – as if it’s a girl on the other side of the bar trying to seduce you.

Nissan Friend Me front shot

It’s a strange cocktail of aggression and elegance that makes the Nissan Friend-Me so endearing as a concept, and the company believes that this is how all cars could look in the future.

The manufacturer has described the look as bold and dynamic, with curves in all the right places and that it is the height of modern automotive style.

Badge detail of the Nissan Friend Me Concept

On the inside, Nissan has shifted the focus to the passenger, making sure that everyone can travel in style and comfort, while benefiting from some top technological advances to make the drive that much more entertaining.

Despite its alluring nature, the car is, after all, meant to be a model the whole family can enjoy.

An advanced touch screen IT system in the vehicle allows passengers to share music and pictures from their mobile devices, with integrated monitor screens meaning that users can connect via the internet.

Rear shot of the Nissan Friend Me Concept

For the driver, this can be configured to display drive-time information, directions and traffic advice. Not even Marty McFly saw this coming!

Nissan’s Friend-Me concept is supposed to be a “dream within reach”, but is it one we’d all like to share?

The car looks great, but that’s all. With no real details about potential speed, handling quality or overall driving experience, the Friend-Me might just be a dream for a little while longer.

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