Ambitious manufacturer Keating Supercars has revealed the prototype of its new ‘Bolt’ model, which it hopes will electrify the competition when it comes to breaking speed records.

Keating The Bolt Feature

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the brand, you might conjure up images of the latest in supercar design being created in, say, Monaco or somewhere in Italy, or by some cash-flush tycoon in the UAE.

However, the Bolt has more humble origins, as the car was developed and built in… Bolton!

Wheel detail of the The Bolt supercar

Don’t let the birthplace fool you though. Led by the more than capable instruction of Dr Anthony Keating, the car packs a mean 7.0-litre LS7 V8 engine, and can produce around 640bhp.

Furthermore, Keating has suggested that a 800bhp model of the car could be introduced, which could deliver a staggering acceleration of 0-60mph in two seconds flat.

If this wasn’t enough, a super-charged, modified version is set to be developed and it is aiming for a remarkable record.

Keating 'The Bolt' supercar interior_2

It is hoped that the car could reach incredible speeds of 340mph and above, when delivered in its modified state.

This would eclipse the top speed achieved by a Bugatti Veyron and become the fastest production car ever.

Tests are set to be conducted in October to discover whether or not the vehicle can live up to the bold claims. According to the company though, the twin-turbocharged record-attempting car could reach 0.5 mach.

The new Keating 'The Bolt' supercar

The modified edition could produce between 1,000bhp and 2,500bhp, which is a truly frightening thought.

A previously made model by the company, known as the TKR, has reportedly hit speeds of 260.1mph when tested in the United States. This car featured a twin-turbocharged engine which achieved a mere 1750bhp. So just imagine what the Bolt could achieve.

This all seems rather ridiculous. When you consider that a Veyron delivers speeds of just over 250mph, it’s almost impossible to even think of a car doing speeds of up to 100mph more.

Rear shot of the The Bolt supercar

On the outside, the car doesn’t even seem strong enough to hold together in those kinds of speeds.

Production versions are set to feature modern, lightweight materials, with carbon/Kevlar panels and an aluminium space frame. The undertray will also be flat to reduce drag.

It might need to pray that it reaches the speeds in testing that it has claimed it will, as otherwise, the Bolt prototype doesn’t have a lot else going for it.

Driver's entrance Keating 'The Bolt' supercar

It’s not exceedingly attractive, as the front looks like an amphibious creature emerging from murky pond-water, while the rear is lumpy and unsightly.

Then there is the cost. According to Keating an entry level car (perhaps the 640bhp) version could see for £150,000 if it achieves large sales volumes and can be delivered in a more refined production method.

At present, the 800bhp version has been given an estimated value of £750,000. Wow.

When it comes to the test day, my thoughts will be with the driver – assuming they intend to risk one.

Keating 'The Bolt' supercar interior

Trying to reach that speed could be incredibly dangerous, if not impossible. Not only that, he will be forced to sit in the rather hideous machine in the first place.

However, if it achieves the performance it claims it will, who cares what it will look like?

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