The Supra is known by enthusiasts for its famous Twin Turbo model in the 1990’s.

This vehicle is a classic performance car that will remain recognisable forever and for what owners were getting, it was extremely affordable.

Fact: It is also one of the easiest cars to tune as people are able to push 900+ horsepower without changing the engine.

Toyota Supra

The Toyota Supra is one of the most iconic Japanese sports cars ever.

The first generation was introduced back in 1979 and they released this after they decided that they needed something to compete with the Datsun’s Z-cars.

The way they did this was by getting their Celica model, stretching it out, adding a more powerful engine and calling it the Celica Supra.

1979 Celica Supra

How the Toyota Supra came to be

After a while Supra gained a lot of popularity and the wanted to convert the Celica car into a front-wheel drive so they completely removed Celica and called it the Toyota Supra; doing this allowed the car to stay rear-wheel drive.

This was a complete success and the Supra become more and more popular.

Toyota Supra racer

Unfortunately, the car started to depreciate and ended up coming off of production in 2002.

This was because the increase in pricing and the cost of building the cars was far too much for the average buyer.

Toyota Supra rear

Is the Supra coming back?

The car is hugely popular among those that love to modify and the enthusiasts have been begging for Toyota to bring out a new Supra, and by the looks of it they may have one coming up.

Ever since the rumours of a return of the Supra surfaced, the motoring community have been watching very closely and these images are the first images of the new Supra being tested.

2019 Toyota Supra

Rumours say that the 2019 Toyota Supra is going to be a project between Toyota and BMW.

We are expecting both four and six cylinder engines and turbo that will be able to push out 400 horsepower.

More rumours expect the Supra to cost near $40,000 and to have around 60,000 cars in total.

2019 Toyota Supra

This is a dream for any car enthusiast – an old iconic car model coming back after a long break – and many people are going to be waiting in anticipation for this to be a reality.

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