2014 will announce a new string of cars that will be available to each market world-wide, looking at the American market; the iconic Mustang is going to return. With more curves and a smoother body the Mustang is back for it’s official release in 2014 and Steeda Autosports have already managed to grab their hands on one! More specifically they have managed to get the top-of-the-line GT500 model, jealous or what?!


The engineers over at Steeda have designed and hand-crafted this wide-body conversion to give the car an even more sinister look, almost demon like, to add to the fun the technicality behind the wide-body allows for even bigger wheels to be placed under the arches of the car to which the car is currently running 285/25/22 up front and even madder 335/25/22 setup in the front! This is due to the arches being put out a further 6 inches on the front and 7 inches on the rear. In simple terms it means the bigger wheels allow for more traction and when this car is packing 725 of the finest horses under the bonnet, traction is an absolute must! A 22” wheel is the max that can be placed under the wheel arch, however the experimentation of different wheel/tyre combinations is limitless to see what’s best for the car in whatever situation it will find its self in.Widebody GT500 front closeupModifications from the Standard GT500 to the Steeda GT500 feature the widened arches 6” at the front and 7” at the rear. Also comes with shaved door handles which provide a seamlessly aerodynamically looking body. A unique rear tailgate going for the “Less is More” approach for the design aspects of the car. Steeda have also added their own suspension set up and upgraded driveline to deliver their legendary Steeda performance.Steeda_Widebody_GT500_screenThis wide-body conversion isn’t only available to the GT500 but also available to the GT models, and they can be purchased directly from Steeda as a new vehicle or retro fitted onto an existing customer car. Each car will be treated to the customer’s wants, needs and budget to which they will transform to their Steeda standards. With any of their conversions customers will be happy to know that Steeda includes their suspension and powertrain upgrades to ensure the performance of the vehicle is more than adequate for the customer.Steeda_Widebody_GT500_rearWhile the Steeda motto is “Speed Matters” and has been for 25 years, the complete package that provides serious power with unique styling creates this perfectly bred stallion. Whether it’s going to be raced on the track or just used for the open road, you can guarantee that the Steed Q-Series Wide-Body will never fail to reward the driver. Steeda_Widebody_GT500_QlineupSteeda_Widebody_GT500Steeda_Widebody_GT500 on standSteeda_Widebody_GT500 front 2

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