Uri Geller has been in and out of the news for about 5 decades. He is currently back in the news following (mainly self claimed) reports that the famous spoon bender has been a spy for the CIA and Mossad, the Israeli secret intelligence arm. Although there does seem to be a surprising amount of corroboration to these seemingly wild tales, I must admit that it’s quite hard to take on board. I mean, surely being a spy doesn’t entail broadcasting it on TV in a prime-time documentary?

Equally hard to take on board (as well as Geller’s increasing similarity to the DJ, Tim Westwood) is why anyone would want a car covered in deformed cutlery in the first, second or even third place. Geller’s Cadillac – the Spoon Cadillac is it is often dubbed – is a sight to behold. Covered with over 5,000 misshapen spoons, this bizarre car actually has a quaint story to tell.

uri geller spoon cadillac bonnet

Children from around the UK, Israel, India and other countries, donated over 1,000 spoons and forks to Geller for the extraordinary looking car. While the rest were given to Uri Geller by famous friends and acquaintances. The car features donated cutlery from the likes of The Spice Girls, Elvis Presley, John Lennon and Michael Jackson.

Some of the silverware is encrusted with jewels and all the pieces are of course bent, some by the mind-power of Uri Geller himself and the rest with the help of his sculptor friend, Avi Pines, in a more natural way. Pines and Geller designed and created the one-off car over a period of 6-months.

The bonnet of the Cadillac is adorned with a rock crystal globe that once belonged to Salvador Dali. Some of the spoons are also arranged into various known symbols of peace and religious signs. The word ‘peace’ can also be found in the design several times in various languages. Geller says that viewed from above, a giant peace sign is also visible.

uri geller spoon caddy bonnet

The 1976 Cadillac was originally on show in the Israeli Museum in Jerusalem, it then moved to the American Visionary Art Museum before settling in the Beaulieu National Motor Museum in the New Forest, Hampshire here in the UK where Geller now lives. “I had to stop driving the Caddy, it wasn’t practical in Sonning-on-Thames” he says, citing the difficulty in performing a 3-point turn as a reason for giving it up as a daily driver.

Geller’s Peace Cadillac
As might only happen in the world of Uri Geller, the intention has been for some time now to drive the Cadillac across the various troubled states of the Middle East in what he calls a ‘peace pilgrimage’ with his friend and concert pianist, Byron Janis.

Gellar says regarding the intended peace pilgrimage that anything is possible – even peace. As his look-a-like Tim Westwood might say: “Truly man, let’s make it happen. The kingpin of the car game..”

Images from docteurdu16.blogspot.co.uk mantaworld.com msn.com

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  1. Harry pines

    Well Avi Pines is my father and I find it funny that that’s one of the only places I could find his name finally… even in Wikipedia in uri geller’s page I couldn’t find it…


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