The VW Golf Mk1 is a classic hatchback with heaps of character. Introduced in 1974, this hot hatch’s fuel efficiency was welcomed by drivers following the oil crisis and its simplicity made it very usable.

Your standard Mk1 has a top speed of 93mph with just 70 horsepower, so clearly this was never designed to take on performance cars. However, when you do take one out for a spin, you feel really connected to every element as you get a great amount of feedback. This level of interaction is something that many modern cars lack, as they can often take the fun out of driving by doing all the work for you.

Originally built after-hours by engineers, the ‘Sport Golf’ project went on to become the classic Mk1 we know today. The idea was to come up with a car that could replace the Beetle, and the little square-edged Golf has very little in common with its predecessor, aside from both being incredibly efficient machines, especially considering the technology that was available at the time.

Variants include four or five speed manual transmission (as well as a three speed automatic option), without much in the way of safety equipment on offer, but engineering did improve over the years.

VW MK1 Golf interior

This front wheel drive car has a monocoque design where chassis and body are as one, with cabin space being maximised to provide an airy, comfortable cabin.

Golf Mk1 GTI

Volkswagen Golf MkI GTI

A couple of years down the line, motorists could pick up a Mk1 Golf GTI and this new model is still regarded as a legendary car.

It had 90 horsepower, better suspension and the same superior quality that Volkswagen are famous for, making it a popular choice.


It’s unveiling in 1975 heralded a new era of hot-hatchbacks and this 80’s classic is still going strong today. The GTI has inspired many other manufacturers to emulate the design for decades and in its current form it is a class-leader.

‘The MK1 Golf Annual Gathering’

1982 VW MK1 Golf GTI

If you are already a member of the Mk1 Golf Owners Club you will know all about this show, but if you haven’t already heard about this event, here are the details! This year’s Mk1 Golf Gathering is 28th – 30th July, with tickets available online for a Single Day or Weekend Pass. The event is being held at Stratford Racecourse, Warwickshire (CV37 9SE) and there is plenty to see and do. On Sunday, there will be the UK’s largest group of Mk1 Golfs on display in the same place, perfect for any fan of this iconic car. Now in its 13th year, it is set to be another fantastic weekend for car enthusiasts so visit the Club’s website or Facebook page for more information.


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