It’s hard to imagine that there was once a time before the VW Beetle, as these iconic vehicles seem to have always been around!

Their quirky curves conjure up images of the sixties and it’s just an all-round ‘fun’ little car. Work started on the Beetle in Germany back in 1934 and now it is one of the oldest and best selling cars of all time.

1938 VW Beetle

The first of its kind rolled off the production line in 1938 and after the world was introduced to the original Beetle look and sound, there have been only two big redesigns over the last 80 years. This just goes to show that the styling was a massive hit and appeals to all generations, as this VW is instantly recognisable to everyone.

Success for the VW Beetle

As of 1972, the ‘Bug’ overtook the Model-T as the longest-running, most-manufactured car in history and it’s rare for a vehicle to sell in such large quantities without undergoing many big design changes. Perhaps best known as the star of Disney’s ‘Herbie’ movies, the Beetle’s unique looks and character won our hearts and went on to be one of Volkswagen’s most popular models.

1974 Super Beetle

In the 50’s buyers were offered a convertible option and from ’71 to ’79, Volkswagen produced the ‘Super Beetle’. The New Beetle was then launched in 1998 in America, offering more power whilst still retaining the classic shape.

1999 convertible Beetle

The modern-day VW Beetle

Over the years, safety has been greatly improved and an inline four-cylinder engine added to power the front wheels, with only a few other minor tweaks along the way.

2005 new beetle

One of automotive history’s big success stories, you may be surprised to find out that the distinctive shape of the VW Beetle was originally designed to strengthen the car, not to give it a cute appearance – that was just a lucky coincidence!

2011 VW Beetle

The cult classic status of this car is hard to deny, as not only is the design a triumph visually but it also provides plenty of space for passengers and storage. Even the newest Beetles are still rightly clinging to the vintage elements that gained Volkswagen such a loyal fan-base.

2017 New Beetle R-Line

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