Meet this 825bhp Clive Sutton custom Ford Mustang!

Clive Sutton, an automotive company based in London, has been in the luxury car game for about 30 years now, providing bespoke customisation and styling options for their loyal customers. They deal with high-end brands such as Porsche, Lamborghini, Rolls Royce and Aston Martin, so it’s no surprise to find out that Clive Sutton has produced a pretty impressive 825bhp custom Ford Mustang.

The Clive Sutton 825bhp CS800 Ford Mustang (1)

It was 6 years ago to the month that we first revealed that the Mustang was set to become available in Europe and the UK for the first time in its auspicious 50-year history. Then in 2015 we revealed that the first batch of right-hand drive Mustangs had rolled off the production line – next destination the UK, where 80 per cent of pre-orders had revealed a desire for the 5-litre V8. Of course – if you’ve waited this long for an official right-hand drive version to be available in the UK, why would you opt for anything else? And yes, the suspension was stiffened up for the UK market…

When the Mustang first arrived, it gained rave reviews for its performance-to-price ratio, with Auto Express calling a ‘performance bargain’ at £33,995 in 2016. Clive Sutton was on the case right away back then with a trio of Mustang offerings, including the CS700 pushing out 700bhp – an increase of 55bhp over the more standard offering.

The Clive Sutton 825bhp CS800 Ford Mustang

Fast-forward to 2019 and the evolution of the Clive Sutton Mustang continues with the revamped CS800. The previous incarnation of the CS800 underwhelmed a few reviewers, who complained of engine lag and the torque not quite matching everyday driveability on our stop-start roads. The new CS800 appears to have addressed these issues by using the new direct injection engine.

Like the CS700 before it, the CS800 incorporates the Whipple Supercharger – it’s basically the same unit that the custom builders have been using across the pond in California (where Whipple is based) for years, but meeting EU specifications. The magic Whipple has increased bhp from standard 443bhp to 725bhp. A similar throttle and injector configuration as used in the CS700 appears here too and gives the CS800 that extra 100bhp boost to get it up to 825bhp.

The Clive Sutton 825bhp CS800 Ford Mustang

Suspension is handled by standard MagnaRides but with the option of a choice of stiffer, shortened springs. Reviews so far have suggested that using the most extreme version of MagnaRide springs will produce a beast of a car when it comes to handling, suggesting that such an option might be best left to track specific cars rather than your everyday ride (if anyone ever uses a Mustang as an everyday ride that is).

The Clive Sutton CS800 can also be spec’d with fully electric race Recaros at an eyebrow raising cost of £5,400, plus a hell of a lot of carbon that can total up to around £10,000 alone. But not to worry, being a Clive Sutton custom Mustang you can decide exactly what you want on your bespoke muscle car.

The Clive Sutton 825bhp CS800 Ford Mustang

Right now, you could pick up a CS800 Ford Mustang (using a 2017 donor car)  at an on-the-road price of £59,950. If you want to go full on and build yourself a 2018-19 model, the company website includes a build your own configurator. Then if you’re brave, you can even submit your bespoke online Mustang for quote and end up owning one.

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