Reasons people love the little Honda S2000

Released in 1999, the Honda S2000 will soon be celebrating its 20th birthday but thanks to the demand of these cars, low mileage examples are now worth over £17,000. When you begin to look at the S2000 up close, it soon becomes easy to see why it’s become such a cult classic that will still give modern competitors a run for their money.

Some will say it’s just an outdated car, with obsolete tech, old-fashioned looks and performance which could be easily beaten by a cheaper and newer car. That doesn’t stop thousands upon thousands of passionate fans buying into this iconic quasi-classic. It’s tiny, it’s not very powerful and it won’t turn any heads, but as it stands this near-20-year-old car is seeing rising prices and continued fandom.

Honda S2000 1

The Honda S2000 (or S2K) is just one example of many Japanese cars that have seen this kind of support. The Toyota Supra, Nissan Skyline, Toyota AE86, Mazda RX-7, Honda NSX…the list goes on. Many people reckon this trend is a result of the ultra-reliable Japanese engineering that these little sports cars are known for. Some will say it’s down to the cool vibe these motors give off with themes of drifting or Fast and Furious. Others will claim it’s because these cars have engines that are great for tuning and can take any modifications you throw at them. The truth is, it’s all of these things and more with the Honda S2000 successfully embodying all of these fantastic traits.

Honda S2000 engine 2

In a world of annoying automatic wipers and terrible voice control, a car that lacks some of this modern technology can be a refreshing experience that strips driving back to its core. Although the S2K is a classic car, it’s not exactly ancient either. They still have the convenience of things such as power steering and electric windows but at the same time, you’ll find characteristics in this car that you’d otherwise struggle to find in many modern motors. The S2K really connects you to the road, every corner is a feeling of euphoria with the superb handling and grip so good it feels like you’re on rails. This little roadster is the kind of car to make you drive around a roundabout again just because it feels that good. It’s small, nimble and perfectly balanced.

Honda S2000 3

You may think it’s not a looker but that’s probably a good thing. Just like Mazda’s RX-7, the rather neutral aesthetic has resulted in the car ageing incredibly well. Despite it being 10 or 20 years old now, the car is still looking gorgeous and modern enough to blend in and not look like an old banger. Interiors can age even faster but once again, the S2K defies the laws of the automotive industry with an interior that looks half the age it actually is.

Honda S2000 interior 4

If you’re in the market for a fun little sports car that doesn’t break the bank and you also don’t mind not having the latest technology, turn to the Honda S2000 for unparalleled fun, state-of-the-art handling and top-rate driving. On top of everything else, buying one of these bad boys will be an investment in the long run, as are all the “Cult Classic” cars we write about here on Motor-Vision. Go back 5 years or so and you’d be able to find an S2000 for around £3,000. Nowadays, reasonable examples with around 70,000 miles can easily be sold for over £12,000. Own one of these for another 10 years and you’ll probably see prices double, so what’s not to love?

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