Dave Goodman, Performance Direct’s Insurance Specialist (the go-to man for tuned car insurance) decided to take his standard executive car and make it quicker – making his daily commute a bit more fun!

 JFAutomotive Tuning 530D

JFAutomotive’s Research & Development center is fitted with the latest 2,000 BHP All-Wheel Drive Mustang Dyne (Rolling Road/Dyno) which is designed to accurately measure, adjust and fine tune all engines and gearboxes with their in-house tuning software.

Mustgan Dyne

They have an ever growing dealer network and are able to supply insurance approved software and tuning products to clients across the globe!

Mustang Dyne

Below is a quick fact-sheet about Dave’s car which was heading to be tuned by JFAutomotive:

Make: BMW
Model: 530D
Year: 2006
Transmission: Manual
Average MPG: 42
Stock BHP: 231 (at the flywheel)
Stock Torque: 369 lbs-ft (at the flywheel)

BMW 530D on the Rollers @ JFAutomotive

The BMW E60’s suffer with around 20-25% power loss from the flywheel to the wheel due to the transmission. The figures below represent the car’s power at the wheels with maximum power loss due to the transmission,  – 25% Power Loss from Flywheel to Wheels:

Stock BHP: 173.3 (at the wheels)
Stock Torque: 276.8 lbs-ft (at the wheels)

The BMW has had a few changes from standard and the guys at JFAutomotive have applied a custom-map to incorporate all of these changes to work in harmony with the car.


K&N Panel Filter
Swirl Flaps Blanked

The K&N Panel Filter is a very simple modification which most petrol-heads (or diesel in this case) undertake to help the car breathe better.

The “Swirl Flaps” where designed to act as an aid to the cylinder combustion and efficiency on diesel engines as diesels do not contain throttle-bodies to control the air/fuel ratio.

However, these over time suffer from fatigue and eventually disintegrate which means that metal debris enters the engine, initially destroying internal parts.

BMW 530D on the Rollers @ JFAutomotive

JFAutomotive then loaded the car onto the rollers and began their extensive tuning session eradicating all flat spots in power and also improving the miles per gallon!

JFAutomotive Custom Map Results:

BHP: 227 (at the wheels) | 272.4 (at the flywheel)
Torque: 425.6 lbs-ft (at the wheels) | 510.7 lbs-ft (at the flywheel)
Efficiency: 51 mpg (Average)

The results speak for themselves, with a 50+ BHP gain and nearly doubling the torque at the wheels this car will truly throw you into your seat! Not only has the BMW gained power and more torque to put the power down but has also managed to become more economical in the process – crazy!


If you have any insurance needs don’t forget to visit: www.performancedirect.co.uk 

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