It may not be pink but this Cadillac that Elvis bought in the 70s is still a grand piece of history.

The King himself bought this Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham in 1974 (1975 manufacture year) as brand new and specced it himself. Throughout his life, Elvis Presley bought more than 200 Cadillacs, a truly staggering number. So after hearing that, one may start to wonder what makes this one special at all?

Elvis’ 1975 V8 Cadillac Goes To Auction

Well, this particular Fleetwood Brougham is more than just your average hound dog. After nearly 50 years, this classic American land yacht is still in good working condition, though it may have some signs of wear it’s still looking almost as regal and kingly as it did in the 70s. Elvis specced this car himself, optioning a sunroof and the very ornate “Goddess” hood ornament which is still present to this day.

Originally paying just $12,512 for it, it’s no wonder how the biggest star in the world at the time could afford over 200 of these cars. The King, over the years, gave away a lot of his cars to friends, family and other important people in his life after driving them for various amounts of time. This particular yellow Caddy was gifted to Elvis’ doctor, physician Dr G. Nichopoulos, in 1976.

Elvis’ 1975 V8 Cadillac Goes To Auction

One particularly valuable aspect of this car is its extensive history, with vast amounts of paperwork and records still intact after many decades and multiple owners. It is said that although Elvis owned many cars, this one has more extensive paperwork than any of the cars in the Elvis museum! Furthermore it is said to be the only known car ever registered in his name!

After the car was gifted to Elvis’ doctor, Dr Nichopoulos then enjoyed the car for 10 years before the current owner purchased it, then sold it in 1990, then bought it back once again after some time. The vendor in Sweden is now, once again parting ways with it.

Elvis’ 1975 V8 Cadillac Goes To Auction

The auction is due to go live on January 8th which is also Elvis Presley’s birthday where he would be turning 87 years old. You can view the auction on Car and Classic.

Let us know if you know any Elvis fans that would love to take a ride in this classic, in the comments!

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