According to data from Nissan, EV owners are actually driving further than those driving petrol/diesel cars!

Range anxiety who? That’s right, according to a survey shared by Nissan, EV drivers could actually be covering more miles on average per year than those that drive petrol or diesel cars.

EV Drivers Are Averaging More Miles Than Non-EVs

Most may assume that the sentiment towards electric cars is that they’re mainly good for short journeys and are best suited towards those that don’t do a lot of cross-county driving. Well, these newly revealed figures may just flip that assumption on its head entirely.

The survey comes from OnePoll, which gathered answers from 7,000 people from a range of European countries including the UK, France, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Denmark and Norway. The study took place this year between the end of January and the end of February and respondents were asked about their average yearly mileage before 2020 in order to avoid lockdown skewing stats.

EV Drivers Are Averaging More Miles Than Non-EVs

On average, EV drivers travelled around 350 miles further per year than owners of petrol or diesel cars, with EV owners driving over 8,800 miles annually and combustion car owners driving 8,450 miles annually. Despite the inconvenience of waiting for your car to charge, it would seem that having a car powered by batteries isn’t deterring motorists from driving great distances.

Although, another school of thought for this particular revelation could be that the average yearly mileage is higher due to short trips being made more frequently. Owning a car that costs almost nothing to run could be having the effect of driving more often rather than further.

EV Drivers Are Averaging More Miles Than Non-EVs

Either way, EV drivers are covering more miles according to this particular survey, which is rather credible with 7,000 participants from a great range of countries.

The survey also suggests that the majority (69%) of EV owners are satisfied with the current charging infrastructure. Unsurprisingly, when owners of petrol or diesel vehicles were asked what their main concerns would be when considering owning a fully electric vehicle, 58% named their biggest concern as the driving range. On the flip side, 70% of EV owners surveyed said the EV range autonomy is better than expected!

So, as expected, those who don’t own an EV are turned off by range anxiety and charging infrastructure, whereas current EV owners claim the range and charging infrastructure are both non-issues.

Let us know if you think you would travel more miles per year in an EV, in the comments.

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