If you’re alright with giving up 2 seconds of your 0-60 mph acceleration time then there’s really no need to get a supercar.

They may have scissor doors and be able to turn corners with the precision and grip of a Scalextrics car, but if you’re looking for something less expensive, there is a wide range of cars available that offer the thrills of a supercar at a fraction of the price.

Not only are these everyday cars a lot cheaper, they will also prove to be a lot more practical in terms of boot space, ride comfort, visibility, number of seats and so on. These supercar killers will still turn heads, still have breathtaking speed and still sound incredible in tunnels.

Tesla Model S P100D

Tesla Model S P100D (1)

This is an exception to the rule that these supercar killers will still sound incredible in tunnels. Unfortunately, the Model S doesn’t sound of anything in a tunnel.

However, when buying a Model S you’re trading sound for ridiculous speed and trust us, the trade is worth it. If you’ve got the kind of money to buy a P100D, Tesla’s high-performance model, then you’ll be able to experience the legendary 0-60 mph time of 2.28 second. That’s the kind of brutal acceleration that can probably cause health problems if you keep doing it.

Tesla Model S P100D (2)

Although, yes, this car costs a fortune, even if it’s just the standard Model S, it is an everyday car that is probably the biggest ‘supercar killer’ we’ve ever seen. Consider this; Tesla only released its first car in 2008 and now, they’re able to produce electric family saloons that are faster than every Ferrari, Lamborghini and Bugatti ever made.

It’s not just the Model S, the Model X P100D (Tesla’s SUV) can also sprint to 60 mph in just 2.8 seconds, therefore making it another supercar killer!

You may not get the sound of a roaring V12, or an exciting interior or exterior, but that’s what makes it an everyday car, after all.

Honda Civic

Honda Civic (3)

The Civic name may be attributed to the elderly and those that make rational and sensible car purchases, but that’s just one side of the story. The other side of the story is the tuner scene. Once old grandpa Charlie is done with his 1995 Civic and it’s handed down to his grandson who just happens to be a mechanic with a lot of money and spare time to spend, you may find that this Civic will become a lot more than it appears.

Honda Civic (4)

There are countless examples out there that have been modified to over 400, even 500 horsepower thanks to exceptional mechanical know-how, time and money. Honda’s B16 engine can take a lot of punishment and although you can get it up over 450 hp, it’ll probably cost you a few tens of thousands of pounds to reinforce the engine, add some huge turbos, intercooler and so on.

There are plenty of ‘sleeper’ cars out there that are basically souped-up ordinary cars, some of which will be able to beat many supercars in a drag race. 

Lexus GS F

Lexus GS F (5)

To find a performance car that doesn’t rely on a turbocharger or supercharger is a rare thing indeed, especially at this kind of price. The Lexus GS F is a super saloon that focuses on its strengths. Chief engineer Yukihiko Yaguchi even said it himself; “We choose not to get involved in a fight we can’t win”.

Lexus GS F (6)

So what does the GS F focus on? Making amazing sounds and feeling amazing to drive. Powered by a 471bhp 5.0-litre V8, the GS F may not beat a Lamborghini or Ferrari in a race, but it will sound just as good as one. Just looking at the quad tips on this car is already enough to make a supercar owner blush.

Furthermore, you can pick these hot Japanese car up for around £35,000 on the used market.

Ford Focus RS

Ford Focus RS (7)

If you haven’t realised already, the Focus RS is a very well-respected and popular car amongst performance enthusiasts. Sure, it may have the typical plastic-clad Ford interior, but the performance is certainly nothing to turn your nose up at. From just £31,385, you can enjoy a performance car with 4WD, 345 hp, and a sub-5 second 0-60 mph time of just 4.8 seconds.

Ford Focus RS (8)

Thanks to 4WD, excellent launch control and a well-tuned 2.3-litre turbocharged engine, the Focus RS feels just as exciting as its more expensive rivals, the Audi RS3 and Mercedes AMG A45. Don’t be fooled by the engine size because despite only being 2.3-litres in size, the engine is straight out of a mustang and is paired beautifully with 4WD, adaptive dampers and 15 seconds of overboost to play with whenever you floor it.

Mated with a manual transmission, this car has been praised as a true enthusiasts car and a whole lot of fun for non-enthusiasts as well. Get one of these in the famous RS blue colour and not only will it be as fun as a supercar to drive, but it’ll look the part as well.

Let us know what you consider to be a supercar killer in the comments!

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  1. Chris pryor

    Our BMW i3 can startle quite a few cars upto about 30 or 40 – and on those skinny tyres.

    It’s not a car that people expect to be able to speed away from traffic lights with that much acceleration. No fuss, no drama just an ascending whine.

    After that it’s acceleration bluntens somewhat.


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