Henrik Fisker, the ex Ford Motor Company designer, has dabbled in electric vehicles before with the short-lived Karma. The good news is that Fisker Inc. (known as Fisker Automotive back then) is back with another crack at the burgeoning EV market with the great looking Fisker EMotion.

Of course, every electric vehicle project to enter the market these days has to have it’s own unique selling point to claw its way to the top of the news pile, and Fisker Inc. offer the tantalising prospect of a 400 mile range for the EMotion.

Fisker EMotion

The EMotion will be a luxury vehicle and the company is clearly gunning for a share of Tesla sales. Both the Tesla X and the Fisker Emotion have gullwing doors – or dihedral ‘butterfly’ doors to be more precise with regard to the Fisker; the doors open in a more upwards sliding motion rather than simply opening like bird wings – maybe more space saving than gullwing and less of a panic for the supermarket car park.

The EMotion will have a claimed top speed of 161mph but along with the very respectable range, there is frustratingly little more in the way of technical detail as yet, though one thing that has been revealed is that the EMotion may well sport a completely new type of battery in the shape of a grapheme battery unit (still undergoing design at UCLA) that should charge faster than a lithium battery.

Fisker EMotion

The Fisker Emotion will also have kit supplied by an as yet anonymous manufacturer to enable ‘fully autonomous’ driving intriguingly – which pales the inclusion of Lockheed jet fighter shaped adaptive LED headlights somewhat, although I personally find the inclusion of adaptive LED headlights more interesting.

Some thought has gone into comfort as well as the sleek design in as much as Fisker have stated that despite the coupé-like sporty looks, the rear legroom will be a pleasant surprise to any passengers journeying in the back of the EMotion – an area so often neglected in modern sportscar design.

Fisker EMotion

While it may all sound a long way off from production, the carbon fibre EMotion is likely to enter into production very shortly in California – and is actually touted for a surprisingly early reveal as soon as the middle of 2017, with first orders and deliveries being announced shortly after.

After all the problems and bad luck that Henrik Fisker experienced with the Fisker Karma, one can’t help but hope that this venture remains problem free.

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