Ford won’t sell their GT to just anybody, only to those who meet their requirements.

A lengthy application form, many rejections and a dealership sued for an “unauthorized” sale. When it comes to Ford selling their newest supercar, the GT, they don’t mess around. This isn’t a Fiesta or a Focus after all and Ford are very particular with who gets the privilege of owning one of these phenomenal machines.

Released in 2017, the Ford GT isn’t actually available for ordinary buyers at the moment, making it a very exclusive car indeed. 1,350 units are to be produced with production ending in 2022. Each one of these units are only to be sold to the best-performing applicants up until a certain, undecided point in time. For the meantime, you have to be more than just rich to own a Ford GT – you need to be a true enthusiast.

What does the application form ask?

To give you an idea of how Ford wanted to filter their applicants, here’s a quote straight from Henry Ford III (great-great-grandson of the founder of Ford):

“…we ask about your relationship with Ford. Are you a GT owner? Do you take it to car shows or the racetrack? We really are looking for Ford brand ambassadors, and we want to find customers who will actually drive the car.”

Ford GT 1

At the beginning of the application, Ford asks you which categories you are a part of. This includes previous Ford GT owners, Ford suppliers, car collectors, motorsport enthusiasts, influencers (social media or otherwise) and a few more categories.

From that point on, you are served questions based upon which categories you ticked. For instance, if you ticked you previously owned a GT or other Ford vehicle, the application will ask you for details on your vehicles, when you bought them, what you used it for and if you still own it/them.

Other questions belonging to various categories include: Have you ever attended any Ford GT events? Are you a member of any Ford GT clubs? What is the level of your position within the company? Please describe up to three vehicle-related charitable activities/contributions that you or your company have made. How many vehicles are in your collection? What is the approximate value of your collection? Briefly describe your role as a public influencer. Briefly describe your audience demographics.

Ford GT questionaire 2

Lastly, after a rather thorough questioning, you are then served with the end boss battle. You are expected to provide a video, photograph or document which explains why you would be a great Ford GT owner. How nerve-racking!

Who did Ford approve of then?

There really is a wide range of people that have been lucky enough to make it through the application process. From actors, to a gaming YouTuber, to singers, to athletes, to talk show hosts, there really isn’t much of a pattern in terms of profession.

Ford GT 3

Here are just some of the lucky successful applicants: Nascar driver Joey Logano, gaming YouTuber Jordan “Captain Sparklez” Maron, executive director of the McLaren Technology Group Zak Brown, ex-late night talk show host Jay Leno, singer Amy MacDonald, electronic musician Deadmau5, car YouTuber Shmee150, actor Tim Allen

Famous wrestler and actor John Cena was another one of the lucky few, but actually got into some legal trouble with Ford for selling his GT before the end of the 2-year contract.

What’s the reasoning behind Ford’s pickiness?

Head of product development and Chief Technical Officer for Ford, Raj Nair, said that 69% of the new Ford GTs went to people who had owned a GT in the past. Clearly the company favours existing fans of the GT, so that’s one confirmed deciding factor.

Ford GT 4

It’s also clear that Ford favours people who will actually drive and appreciate the Ford GT by driving it on the track, to events and just out and about in general. Ford likely wants to avoid people who will just leave the car stored in a temperature-controlled garage to appreciate in value. They want their masterpiece to be enjoyed, not resold for a profit.

Henry Ford III said it himself:

“We want to put this vehicle in the hands of people that will use it, truly celebrating its innovation and technology”

“The guy that plans to keep it hermetically sealed in his garage is not who we want to own the new GT,” says Ford. “It’s meant to be driven.”

Ford GT 5

What do you think of Ford’s picky policy? Is it to be expected with supercars nowadays or have Ford just unnecessarily become another one of those snobby exclusive companies? Let us know your thoughts and subscribe to our email list to stay up to date!

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