According to experts, these cheap cars could be worth a fortune in the future!

So far this year, there have been loads of new and exciting cars being unveiled like the highly anticipated Land Rover Defender and the revamped Audi RS6 Avant. However, cars don’t necessarily need to be brand new and flashy to be highly sought-after.

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It’s well-known that in recent years the market for expensive classic vehicles has been slowing down and yet, at the affordable end of the spectrum, it’s still very much alive.

According to market expert ‘Duncan McClure Fisher’, it means that you could have a future classic sitting on your driveway without you even realising it.

Duncan is the founder of the UK’s fastest-growing motoring association MotorEasy, who provide car servicing, MOTs, repairs and protection products including GAP and warranty cover. If you are interested in any of their services, please click here to get a quote.

After years of research, Duncan and his team of experts have identified 10 modern cars which are likely to appreciate in value and become future classics within the next few years.

“As our cars age, we expect them to depreciate in value, and they might not get the same care and attention a new car might get. But, as this list proves, it can pay to keep on top of your car’s maintenance, as it could well end up paying you back in spades. Servicing a car in line with manufacturer’s guidelines keeps it running efficiently and reliably for longer.”

Duncan McClure Fisher, Founder of MotorEasy.

So without further ado, here are the top 10 modern cars that are predicted to become future classics…

1998 Peugeot 306 GTI-6

Peugeot GTI-6 1998

MotorEasy believes that the 1998 Peugeot 306 GTI-6 will soon follow in the footsteps of its predecessor, the 205 GTI. Which gained a huge cult following in the 90’s and is now worth an absolute fortune, regularly selling on eBay for more than £25,000!

You can find a decent quality Peugeot 306 GTI-6 selling on eBay for around £1000 at the moment. So if anything is to be learnt from its highly sought-after predecessor, it might be worth investing now if you don’t already own one. However, MotorEasy recommends avoiding ones with electrical and or suspension issues.

2003 Audi A2 1.6

Audi A2 2002

It’s safe to say that back in 2002 the Audi A2 didn’t sell very well due to its rather ‘unusual’ design. Fast-forwarding to today, the Audi A2 is becoming fairly rare and has surprisingly gained a lot of fans over the years due to its quirky looks, clear engineering and eco-friendly credentials. You can find them from around £1,500 on eBay but look out for engine and electrical issues as these can be troublesome.

2007 Alfa Romeo 159 Sportwagon 2.4 JTDM

Alfa Romeo 159 sportwagon 2.4 JTDM 2007

Judging by the cars looks alone, it’s not surprising to see why this Alfa Romeo is becoming something of a modern-day classic among motoring enthusiasts. It was created by Italian designer Giorgetto Giugiaro, the very man who brought us the DMC DeLorean from the Back To The Future franchise. As well as its good looks, the 159 is quick too, with a 2.4L engine producing 210bhp capable of 0-60 in 8 seconds. So if you’re looking to invest in one, you can find them for around £2,500 but make sure to avoid any with suspension issues.

2001 MG MGF

MG MGF 2001

Drop top sports cars are always a good contender for future classics, especially British ones which are proven to be even more sought after. It’s well-known that the MGF has its fair number of detractors but public opinion appears to be changing on these superb little British sports cars with prices at an all-time low of £1,500.

The MGF has a 1.8L ‘K Series’ engine sourced from Rover which are prone to head gasket failures. However, if you get a good one the MGF is a real driver’s car. However, when looking to buy one, MotorEasy recommends looking out for engine and electrical issues as these can be difficult to fix.

2003 Volkswagen Beetle V5

VW Beetle V5

Back in 1997, Volkswagen reintroduced the beloved Beetle back into the market but due to its seemingly dull redesign, it safe to say it wasn’t popular at the time. However, when Volkswagen announced that they will no longer continue to manufacture the Beetle earlier this year, interest for older models were suddenly rekindled and are now becoming something of a collectable.

If you are interested in purchasing an older Beetle, the one you want is the 2.3L V5 Sport Edition which are quick and extremely hard to come by. You can pick one up on eBay for around £2000 but look out for suspension and electrical issues.

1998 Fiat Coupe

Fiat Coupe 2

The Fiat Coupe was one of the finest affordable sports cars and gained a large fan-base when it was first revealed back in 1995 due it’s stunning design. Prices have been slowly creeping up in recent years with some high-quality examples like the 20v Turbo are already being sold for more than £10,000.

You can buy a decent quality Fiat Coupe for around £2,500 with prices predicted to significantly rise over the next few years. If you’re looking to get one, make sure you keep an eye out for suspension and engine issues.

2009 Saab 903 Turbo X

Saab 9-3 Turbo X 2009

Saab’s were popular due to their reliability, comfort and drivability. Unfortunately, in 2012 the Swedish car firm Saab folded leaving fans devasted. However, some of the rarest Saabs such as the 903 Turbo X are sure to hold onto its value. It featured a four-wheel-drive system married to a 2.8L capable of producing 276bhp.

If you are looking to purchase one, you can pick one up for around £6,500 but make sure you look out for suspension, engine and electrical issues.

2000 Citroen Saxo VTS

Citroen Saxo VTS

Experts believe that the Saxo VTS could easily become as popular as the highly sought-after Peugeot 205 GTI. This range-topping Saxo came with a punchy 1.6L 16v petrol engine which made it immensely popular with young motorists back in the day.

This means that those very same drivers will be looking to relive their youth by putting their hands in their pockets within the next few years. So, investing in one now might be a good call as you can get your hands on a good quality one for around £1,500 but make sure you watch out for potential gearbox issues.

2005 Skoda Fabia VRS

Skoda Fabia VRS

When the VRS first came out it was only available with a 1.9L diesel engine which was eventually switched to petrol. Because of this switch, the original diesel VRS is now a much more sought-after car, considered by many enthusiasts to be one of the most un-sung hot hatches going.

You can get a good quality VRS on eBay for around £1,800 but make sure you look out for suspension and electrical issues.

1997 Ford Puma

Ford Puma 1997

Earlier this year, Ford unveiled their new Puma which looks completely different from the original Puma released back in 1997. Since the reveal of the new Puma, interests in the old version were surprisingly rekindled.

The old Puma was never known for its good looks but in terms of its handling, the Puma often defied the laws of gravity. The sporty racing Puma’s are already going for around £15,000 but the standard versions which boost a 1.7L engine can be had for around £1000.

We hope you enjoyed our list of cheap cars that could be worth a fortune in the future which was supplied by MotorEasy. Please be sure to check out their website by clicking here.

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