With the ‘German vs. Japanese Car Show’ taking place at the end of the month, we thought it would only be right to take a look at the battle ourselves and see where we stand.

German cars are widely known for their engineering prowess and good build quality but with such prestige comes a large price tag. It’s definitely no secret that Japanese cars are generally set at a much lower price point in the market but this doesn’t mean that they are inferior at all. In this article we are going to compare cars from each country in the three most popular categories; Crossovers, First Car and the Sports Car.

The Crossover

One of the biggest consumer markets for cars is, of course, the family car/crossover. So, let us take a look at two of the best contenders from both countries.

Audi Q3

 Set at the higher end of the price bracket (£36k), the Audi Q3 is a practical crossover that is big enough for the family, whilst still having enough character to make it charming and fun to drive.

The only downfalls of the Q3 is the somewhat dated interior and hefty price. But when you outweigh the fact that you get the premium name and fantastic reliability, is cost such an issue?

Nissan Qashqai

You have undoubtedly seen a Qashqai on the road at some point, this popular crossover has won multiple awards and prices start at a reasonable £18k. The styling of the car is somewhat unique from the front and is clearly a Nissan with it’s sharp lights and curved body, where as the rear is strangely reminiscent of a Ford Kuga.

Against the Audi, you may think that the Nissan is a clear winner but the only thing that really lets the Qashqai down is the rather sketchy reliability, which is absent in the Audi.

The Crossover Winner: Nissan Qashqai

With its affordable price tag and modern appearance, the Japanese just take the win for this one.


The First Car

Although it is said by many that your first car should be an older model with a few dents, there are a lot of new drivers who opt to purchase a brand new car.

Volkswagen Polo

Volkswagen have a reputation for fantastic quality and reliability, they definitely do not fail to impress with the Polo. Although the older models were rather unsightly, the new shape looks like a small Golf. Although the Polo will cost you a bit more than some of its rivals, the Polo is sure to last a long time.

Toyota Yaris

You probably recognise the Toyota Yaris from its marketing campaign that was prominently featured on TV and billboards across the country. This futuristic-looking car features a roomy interior and a rather decent reliability record. However, the Yaris is renowned for being a poor ride and rather boring to drive.

The First Car Winner: Volkswagen Polo

It is a close call between the Polo and the Yaris, but the build quality on the Polo takes the score to 1-1!

The Sports Car (Under £100k)

When we say Sports Car, we mean cars that are fast and under £100k. A car that could be used everyday, in and around town.

Nissan GT-R

If you were going to picture the entire Fast & Furious franchise into one car, it would probably be this. The base model of the Nissan GT-R boasts a whopping 545bhp and can hit 60mph in under three seconds! It is well known that the GT-R has a big cult following as it is the successor of the much loved Skyline series.

Mercedes AMG GT

Mercedes really hit the nail on the head with the AMG GT. It has the ability to hit top speeds with 456bhp whilst still being comfortable enough for those long arduous journeys. The sharp handling also enables the Mercedes to perform amazingly on the track powered by a mean V8 engine.

The Sports Car Winner: Nissan GTR

When put side by side, it is incredibly hard to pick a winner as both cars are excellent symbols of engineering and innovation but the Nissan takes the win as the price point is low in comparison and boasts a higher bhp!

Overall Winner: Japanese

In most instances, the German car will always come up trumps, but we have to give it to the Japanese this time as their innovation and new engineering techniques are just that little bit ahead.

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