Everyone deserves to know the benefits of remapping

Engine remapping is something that not everyone knows about and the benefits and advantages are undeniable and almost always worth it. Not only can you increase your fuel economy, but also increase power stats such as torque and horsepower. All of this is achieved in a very quick, non-intrusive and reversible procedure so what’s not to love?

Here at Motor-Vision, we’re all about informing our fellow motorists of new ways to enjoy driving, which is why you should know all about the joys an engine remap can bring you.

Save fuel and money

F40 engine 1

If you find yourself being a frugal motorist, often watching your mpg, only going to the cheapest fuel stations and trying to drive as efficiently as possible, then a remap may be perfect for you. If you haven’t got a remap yet then your engine is currently running below the standard that it could achieve.

Fuel savings can usually be expected to be around 5-15% meaning that you could save hundreds of pounds each year depending on how far you drive. Seeming as remaps can be as cheap as £200, it feels like a no-brainer to us!

A remap will teach your engine to burn fuel more efficiently and less wastefully, making each drop make you go further.

Improve your car’s power

Ford Fiesta Engine Remap 2

In the motoring world, it’s rare that increased power is related to reduced fuel consumption. When we think of speed we often think of Ferraris, Lamborghinis and Bugattis, all of which have terrible fuel economy that rarely reaches above 15 miles per gallon, unless it’s a hybrid of course.

On the other hand, you can enjoy improved performance and economy in your petrol or diesel car with a remap. You can expect decent horsepower gains and torque gains and estimated gains can be given to you by remap providers before you even go to see them. Each vehicle model will experience different levels of gains and most cars with above 150hp will be able to receive an increase in power big enough to notice straight away when driving.

Aston Martin Koln Engine Plant Photo Engine remap 3

Some vehicles, such as the VW Transporter T5, are fitted with very conservative maps from the manufacturer, meaning that the engine is only able to use a small portion of the power available. A remap simply unlocks that extra power and in the case of the T5, the horsepower output can be increased by more than double!

Is remapping safe?

Engine Remap 4

This depends on who you choose to let remap your car, but generally speaking, as long as they have experience and their maps are tried and tested, then remaps are safe. Manufacturers often constrict their cars to the extreme to meet test and regulatory criteria for various domestic markets. Furthermore, some models may have a restrictive map on the car, making it feel slower, to stop it from competing with their own sportier models higher up the range.

One thing you should note is that you should check with your insurance before you take the dive, as some insurers may consider raising your premium. Even so, you’ll get a chance to earn that money back after driving a year or two with your improved fuel efficiency!

So what is engine remapping?

Audi Engine Remap 5

A remap, also known as an ECU remapping, engine map or chip tuning, is a digital procedure that alters the internal computer that controls your engine. Depending on your remap provider, the procedure is reversible given that they save the original map to put back into your car.

The remap improves the way your engine runs by feeding it fuel and air more efficiently, allowing more power to be produced in a smarter way. They can cost as little as £200 and can reach over £400, but we wouldn’t recommend spending much over £300 for your remap.

Remap is a no-brainer for many people as there aren’t really any downfalls, so we hope we’ve brought you the knowledge you need to make a decision. Motoring should be fun, so if you want to give your car a little boost, why not get a remap! Let us know how you feel about the topic in the comments!

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