It has been 60 years since the Fiat 500 first launched and this car continues to win us over with its charms. The 500 remains immensely popular even to this day and there have been plenty of evolutions, each just as popular as, if not more than, the last.

60th Anniversary Celebrations

To celebrate this special birthday, Fiat have unveiled their new 60’s inspired, limited edition ‘500-60th’. This sophisticated, tricolour convertible has exclusive badges to mark the occasion and is perfect for lovers of vintage.

Fiat 500 60th

Fiat has also released ‘Fiat 500 Anniversario – See you in the future’, a beautiful video set in 60’s Milan, starring Adrian Brody and the new Fiat 500 Anniversary special series.

Highlights from the history of the iconic Fiat 500

1957 – Fiat 500

1957 Fiat 500

Small but functional, the ‘Cinquecento’ (as it was then known) kick-started the ‘city car’ revolution and over the next 18 years over 4 million were made.

1965 – Fiat 500 F

1965 Fiat 500 F

With the 500 F came the end of Fiat’s famous ‘suicide doors’, definitely for the best!

1972 – Fiat 500 R

1972 Fiat 500 R

The last Fiat 500 for over 35 years, the Rinnovata had the largest engine of all and the smoothest handling, but it was soon replaced by the Fiat 126.

2007 – Fiat 500

2007 Fiat 500

At long last, this car was released again after years of absence. Its retro look and endless opportunities for personalisation made it an instant hit, again!

2009 – Fiat C

Fiat 500 C

A comfortable soft-top that boast a high-quality finish, these convertibles make city driving a breeze, all whilst saving you fuel thanks to the Start&Stop system. As you can imagine, they are especially popular during the Summer.

2015 – Fiat 500

2015 Fiat 500

The 500 had been back for 8 years by this point so it was time for a facelift; refreshed lights and a whole new grill are just a couple of new touches. There were many fun designs to choose from and a new engine range for 2015.

Tuning the Fiat 500

Abarth 595

Of all 500s, the best tuning projects by far are the 1.4 and turbocharged Abarth, however being so lightweight and tiny makes any Fiat 500 a good candidate for tuning.

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