There’s something familiar about Hyundai’s Vision G concept vehicle, which is not something that you normally associate with concepts. A concept normally means that designers get a brief window of freedom, often used to display their more radical, less practical, ideas before the damping down process begins culminating in the launch of a car often bearing little resemblance to the concept.

The Vision G coupé is a premium vehicle of the like that we possibly haven’t seen for some time; it reminds me of the Nissan QX, a spacecraft of a car that unnervingly separated the occupants from the reality of the outside world.

hyundai vision g coupe concept rear

The luxury 4-seater is set to make its debut at the Pebble Beach Concours D’Elegance on Sunday, August 16th, where annually around 200 collector cars and rare automobiles (only the most beautiful, they say) are gathered together to wow the LA public.

hyundai vision g coupe interior

Hyundai are making a statement of intent with the Vision G, as the company unveil a plan for a family of premium vehicles where design and performance are finely and subtly balanced.

hyundai vision g coupe interior steering

Although it might look pretty standard, the Vision G features some pretty forward thinking technology – like automatic doors. Yet the basic thought principle behind the concept is that you don’t need to splash the luxury in the face of the consumer. To that end, chrome, white leather and aluminium sit easily alongside subtle wood finishes.

hyundai vision g coupe interior leather

It’s clear from inside to out, that the vision of elegance and simplicity has filtered throughout with a pretty high success rate – although I’d argue against white leather being subtle, but then it is a concept after all.

hyundai vision g coupe concept side

So what about those doors? Well a press of a button will swing them open for you with the slightly pompous idea being that “hotel doormen or parking valets” won’t have to actually open the door for you (so you can save your tip).

hyundai vision g coupe concept side2

Under the bonnet sits the 414bhp V8 5-litre Tau, which is the tried and trusted engine that already powers the Hyundai Genesis in America.

The coupé was known to be on the cards as far back as last year with a mooted plan to go to production in some form or other for this year, although it is now clear that Hyundai have backed up slightly on that thought. I guess that its pending reception at Pebble Beach may have some influence.

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