The retirement of petrol engines in cars has resulted in new electric models being seen as the future of transport, as well as new builds of certain cars being constructed under the concept of fully electrical engines.

This can range from your average family car to your super quick and luxurious car being remastered by electric engines. Although recently, something more futuristic and effective has hit the internet that could revolutionise the way we get about with traffic and the environment in mind.

The Airbus PopUp displays the first modular, fully electric, zero emission concept vehicle system designed to relieve traffic congestion in crowded megacities worldwide.

It has the flexibility of a small two-seater ground vehicle and the speed of a vertical take-off and landing, also referred to as VTOL. Tthe Airbus PopUp offers transport like never before.

In addition to this, its autonomous feature enables the user to travel hand free to their destination.

The Airbus PopUp shows off its glamour and luxuries with two of its many futuristic features: a carbon fibre chassis, in addition to a unique intelligence system built into this miracle of transportation that really allows the user to experience the future in style and comfort.

Its airborne ability allows the user to evade traffic and congestion in megacities across the world, whilst still being able to travel on four wheels to offer choice and convenience to the user to make use of the space available in our megacities.

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