At a recent James Bond memorabilia auction, the Aston Martin that Daniel Craig used in the film, Quantum Of Solace, sold for £241,000, Christie’s announced. The vehicle in question was a 2008 6-litre engined DBS V12 2-door coupe. But apart from this blip, all the recent buzz is about the forthcoming 23rd Bond film.

Previously referred to across the net as Bond 23, we can now give it a name – Skyfall. Due for release at the end of October, the formula will no doubt be the same as before, which means exciting new gadgets and cars to make us all drool, let’s take a look.

bond goldfinger aston martin db5

In April this year, the official Skyfall Scalextric set was revealed, and it gave s pretty good hint of what to expect for the film. Retailing at a Christie’s-style price of £119.99, the cars were still being kept a secret at this stage, although the cover reveals a Range Rover Evoque and the more exciting hint of a return for the Aston Martin DB5, in silver of course.

bond 007 skyfall scalextric set

The DB5 has been in five Bond movies having first made an appearance in Goldfinger in 1964, although the original Ian Fleming book had Bond seated behind the wheel of a DB Mark III, but by the time the film arrived, the DB5 was Aston Martin’s latest model. Let’s just hope that the DB5 in Skyfall has the pop-up bullet-proof screen that the 1964 DB5 had. Made famous by the Corgi toy more than the film, it’s now ingrained in the minds of fans of a certain age. Indeed, some British tabloids have already reported that the car will feature some favourite gadgets from the past. Although rumours are also rife that the sleek silver automobile meets an untimely end.

range rover suv evoque coupe

It’s always hard to keep such a film secret, especially when the effects are expected to top the previous film’s drama, so it was no surprise that spyshots were appearing all over the net showing several Range Rover Evoques on set of the new production along with a Jaguar XJ-L. The Evoque is Land Rover’s new entry into the compact, urban category that the likes of the Nissan Juke seems to be dominating at present. Land Rover sold close to 88,000 of the SUV within the first year of production.

So what else will we see in Skyfall? A real Roger Moore eyebrow raiser must be the use of Kia police cars. If it wasn’t for the on-set picture you see here, I’d have taken that idea with a pinch of salt. Let’s hope they aren’t expected to keep up with the DB5.

kia police cars skyfall

We can also pretty much guarantee another Land Rover along with the Evoque, the Defender. We know this because the battered vehicle was showcased at this year’s Paris Motor Show, where Jaguar and Land Rover celebrated the 50th anniversary of James Bond. The Defender appears in the opening scene being driven by a field agent called Eve. Judging by the vehicle’s condition at the Paris show, we can but only hope for poor Eve’s welfare.

james bond skyfall land rover defender paris motor show 2012

Although the Aston Martin is understandably grabbing all the attention ahead of the film’s launch, Jaguar Land Rover reputedly provided a whopping 77 vehicles for the Skyfall movie, including production support vehicles. We will no doubt know more after October 23rd when Bond 23 – Skyfall – is premiered before going on national release on the 26th of the same month.

The original Bond Aston Martin DB5 sold at auction for £2.6 million in October 2010, giving a pretty hefty clue as to how much 007 fans are likely to be waiting in anticipation of the DB5’s appearance in Skyfall more than any of the other vehicle’s mentioned here.

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