Tiny yet ferocious. These juiced-up go karts will have you mesmerised.

These tiny off-road go-karts on steroids bouncing around countryside dirt tracks will make you wonder why you ever watched anything else.

The world of motorsport is vast and full of variety and there’s something for pretty much everyone. There’s the clinical precision of Formula One, the artistic flair of competitive drifting, the chaos of motocross and now the sheer adrenaline rush of Kartcross.

Kartcross or ‘Crosskart’, is a pretty niche motorsport. Similar to Rallycross which we wrote about previously, it doesn’t exactly pull in hundreds of millions of viewers across the globe, nor does it get talked about in mainstream media but that doesn’t make it any less incredible. Think of it as a hidden gem.

Kartcross Your New Favourite Motorsport

Crosskart is part of Formula X Autocross and is a class of racing, using what are essentially off-road go karts. These single-seat pocket rockets may look like a toddler’s play thing but do not be deceived. Kitted out with rigid and sturdy cages and rough and ready bouncy suspension that’s able to handle coming down from some significant air time, these are basically toy-size rally cars.

Using motorcycle engines that are high-revving by nature and also incredibly reliable, Crosskarting offers cheap, fun and reliable thrills for any amateur wannabe racing driver. Races are divided into displacement classes featuring 125cc, 250cc and more than 600cc karts.

Kartcross Your New Favourite Motorsport

These little bats out of hell are capable of top speeds of 130mph (in the dirt) and 0-60mph in around 3 seconds, depending on the power. Only weighing in at around 650 lbs (or 270 kg), Crosskarts can do plenty of work with just 150 hp revving at 16,000 rpm.

If you know anyone that still looks back at the days of Group B rally racing with nostalgia and longing, tell them to start watching Kartcross immediately. They won’t be disappointed. The sonorous screams of 16,000 rpm engines, drivers pushing their vehicles to the very limit, the threat of being one mistake away from hurtling into a tree – Kartcross has it all. The thrill of simple yet unbeatably exhilarating offroad racing can be found in one of its purest forms with Kartcross/Crosskart.

These tiny racing machines look just as entertaining to watch and possibly even more fun to drive than the full-size WRC cars that cost ten times as much to produce and maintain and for those wanting to race, Crosskart is much more accessible too!

Will you be keeping your eye on Crosskart racing? Let us know in the comments.

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