Avid readers of this blog will notice that we’ve posted several articles relating to this incredible car over the last few weeks.  We make no excuse for this as it quite simply is an absolutely awesome piece of engineering. 

For Supercar modifier Oakley Design the Lamborghini Aventador was clearly an irresistible proposition.  As standard, the car is capable of 0 – 62mph in 2.9 seconds and a top speed of 217mph but for Oakley Design this just wasn’t quite quick enough. 

So with less weight and more power Oakley Design have now hit a top speed of 230mph in dyno testing and are expecting the 0 – 62mph time to be far quicker than the apparently slow 2.9 seconds of the factory fitted car.

See the car in action in at a test track in France:

How is this done?  Oakley Design put the car on a massive diet by swapping out as many of the plastic parts as possible with carbon fibre replacements.  Many of these parts are subtly modified to alter airflow around the car and create more downforce.  Weight is removed by replacing the exhaust system with a titanium one with the added advantage that when heated by the engine it glows red and will shoot flames out the back on the over-run (See Dyno article below for video).  For those people that Oakley Design refer to as ‘hardcore clients’ there is the option of replacing the 4 wheel drive system with a rear-wheel only system. The pop up spoiler no longer spoils this car and has been written out of the electronics and replaced by a fixed wing with manual adjustments.  Intrax, the suspension partner of Oakley Design, have re-engineered the suspension to keep the car handling as you would want and an ECU remap pushes 760 HP from the engine.  Oakley Design have even decided to rename the car from the LP 700-4 (700 HP & 4WD) into the LP 760-2 (760 HP & 2WD).  Personally I think it’s a car worthy of a rename.

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