Camp out on the top of your Defender with this accessory collaboration with Autohome

The new Land Rover Defender 110, which has replaced the iconic original Defender that reigned as supreme leader of the 4×4 market since the 80s, has just got a state-of-the-art roof tent.

The Defender is one of the pillars of the 4×4 market and although it’s standing on the shoulders of the original Defender and its grand reputation, the new Defender holds up just as well when it comes to off-roading.

Land Rover Defender Gets A Luxurious Bespoke Roof Tent

Now, Land Rover have teamed up with Autohome, a company that specialises in rooftop tents for those that want to go camping but find sleeping on the ground too lowly or boring. These rooftop tents not only look cool but also offer great simplicity, allow for more space in the boot of the car and can keep you safe from local wildlife while you sleep, whether it be a fox or an Egyptian Cobra.

Land Rover Defender Gets A Luxurious Bespoke Roof Tent

This new roof tent designed to work well with the new Defender can be put up in seconds with one simple movement as you lift one side of the roof box to raise the triangular, wedge-shaped tent.

Providing the ultimate level of luxury and convenience (for a tent, that is) this compact camping pod features a full-size luxury cotton mattress, interior LED lighting, stowage net, pillows, rear canopy and a compact aluminium ladder. Although, for €3,700 (including VAT) you would expect all this anyway!

Land Rover Defender Gets A Luxurious Bespoke Roof Tent

Big enough to comfortably sleep two adults or probably two adults and a child at a push, the tent’s base spans the car’s width, coming in at 1.3m wide, 2.3m long and 1.5m high.

The tent is packed in a fibreglass shell roof box and once unclipped, can be put up in seconds singlehandedly thanks to the hydraulic gas struts which hold it up. The bespoke Autohome Land Rover Defender roof tent can be purchased directly from Land Rover retailers or from Autohome themselves.

Land Rover Defender Gets A Luxurious Bespoke Roof Tent

Although it may be incredibly expensive, we must admit it does look like great fun and when it comes to quality, Autohome are hard to beat when it comes to bespoke roof box tents.

Driving to your ideal camping spot, propping the roof tent up and enjoying the sunset from the top of your Land Rover Defender, which is 20 mm taller than the old Defender, does sound pleasant. Who wouldn’t want to convert their new Defender into the world’s most expensive bunk bed ever?

Let us know your thoughts on the new Defender and its fancy bespoke roof tent in the comments!

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