So, just what kind of luxury treatment do you get when ordering a £2.4 million car?

Lotus are only producing 130 of the Evija hypercar and each customer will be able to experience a highly tailored and luxurious buying process.

We’ve been following the Lotus Evija for a while now and so we’re already very much aware that this car costs £2.4 million and has close to 2,000 hp so yes, we did expect that the buying experience would be of equal extravagance.

So, exactly what kind of extravagance are we talking about? Well, firstly, a special touch-screen configurator has been designed for this car alone which includes a highly accurate, highly detailed virtual model of the car.  Sure, that sounds pretty standard as car configurators go, however, this model goes a step further than most others.

Lotus Evija’s State-of-The-Art Buying Experience Revealed

The configurator will utilise ray-tracing technology which is becoming popular in gaming as technology advances. Ray-tracing technology basically simulates light in a hyper-realistic way, resulting in graphics that are closer to real-life than ever before.

Customers speccing their £2.4 million Evijas will be able to see the ultra-realist model simulated in multiple different environments around the world to see how “localised sunlight levels will affect their choices”. So you can literally choose your colour based on how cool it will look in the sunlight of your selected country!

Lotus Evija’s State-of-The-Art Buying Experience Revealed

The simulations are “developed using advanced gaming software” to produce the most photo-realistic graphics possible, allowing buyers to see the Evija that they are customising in incredible accuracy as they personalise it from the ground up.

You can see for yourself just how real this configurator looks in the video below. The video also shows off three new colours that we have not seen on the Evija until this point; Atomic Red, Solaris Yellow and Carbon Black.

The Evija truly is a fascinating car, which we discussed in our previous article. It’s all-electric, and despite being very powerful it still has a very impressive battery range of 250 miles. The car is certainly a great engineering feat, which is why Lotus are gifting each buyer with a hand-crafted build book featuring “stunning imagery” of the actual car that they have ordered throughout its manufacturing process. That’s right, buyers will get their own custom book showing them how their very own, custom car was built. The new owner will be handed this book along with the keys during what Lotus is calling the “handover celebrations”.

Lotus Evija’s State-of-The-Art Buying Experience Revealed

Evija purchasers will also be gifted a unique gift at “regular intervals” during the purchase process which will reflect the exclusive and technical nature of the hypercar.

Overall, it all sounds very glamorous and boujee but you would expect nothing less of one of the most expensive and exclusive cars of this year.

Ordered yours yet? Let us know in the comments.

Also, if you haven’t already, you can read our previous article on the Evija here.

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