If you’re anything like us, finding a cool present for the man who already has everything can be a real struggle when Father’s Day rolls around.

Chances are your dad already has a car and of course, we’re never going to suggest you slap down a deposit on a new car for ‘Pops’ to cruise about in (unless you’ve got the funds and lifestyle to afford that, in which case, can we be your dad too?). So perhaps the next best thing is a driving day experience.

These provide an ingenious way of getting behind the wheels of remarkable and often lavish cars that we could usually only dream about driving. They’re not too pricey either, starting from £39 but reaching right up to and beyond £500.

For £3,299, you can drive an F1 car in Monte Carlo. It’s probably a better idea than those slippers you were gonna get. Realistically though, what can you drive that’s decent for sensible money?

Nissan GTR

For £59, TrackDays.co.uk is offering ten laps around Bovingdon Airfield in Nissan’s 650bhp GTR.

The Fast Car Festival 2017 Nissan GTR

Hailed as ‘Nissan’s finest hour’ by Top Gear, its 3.8-litre engine can take care of a 0-62mph sprint in 2.7 seconds. Other £59 experiences involve ten laps in an Audi R8, Ariel Atom, TVR T350C, Bentley Continental GT, Aston Martin V8 Vantage or Shelby Mustang GT500.

Lamborghini Gallardo

Spend an extra tenner and there’s this: the Gallardo – Lamborghini’s best-selling model to date, with more than 14,000 units sold worldwide.

Lamborghini Gallardo

Your £69 gets your old man four passenger laps with a instructor who will get them familiar with the course layout, before letting them loose with the Gallardo’s mind-blowing 750bhp modified nitrous-injected five-litre V10 engine. Similarly, for the same price, there’s the Ferrari 430 Challenge or Porsche GT2.

lambo Gallardo 3

Ménage à track

If your dad is renowned for being indecisive when faced with a restaurant menu, then Virgin’s ‘Triple Supercar Blast’ might not be the one to go for.

Triple Supercar Blast

Priced at £89, it offers the choice of up to 13 supercars from Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Porsche and others over a total drive distance of nine miles.

Porsche Boxster

Make dad a stuntman

Dads love their high-octane action flicks and with Ford’s ‘Immersive Stunt Driving Experience’ (available through Virgin), they can star in their own Hollywood movie as a getaway driver in a Ford Focus RS hot hatch.

Ford Focus RS Special Edition

Here, they’ll learn classic Hollywood stunts including J-turns and drifts, complete a time trial in the iconic Ford Mustang before shooting their own cut-scenes and getaway stunts in a car on set. Dad will even get his own digital poster and edited movie trailer.

Ford Mustang blue front

Teach dad to drift

If like many, your dad paid for some of your driving lessons when you were getting your licence, then perhaps teaching him to drift is the most beautiful way you could repay his gratitude.


A half-day of drift lessons in a Nissan or Lexus drift car will set you back just £59 and can be taken at four UK locations including Rockingham and Birmingham Wheels Raceway.

Of course, these are just some of the many different track days and driving experiences available, but hopefully we’ve planted the seed for something more exciting than toffee and socks.

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