Five one-off McLaren Senna GTR LMs have been painstakingly crafted to pay homage to the five famous McLaren F1 GTRs that won 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1995.

The five cars that placed 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 13th made history in 1995 after winning Le Mans for McLaren – a great achievement when you consider that this was the Woking-based company’s first time racing in Le Mans and also just three years after they made their first ever production car, the F1.

McLaren Senna Le Mans F1 GTRs
McLaren Senna Le Mans F1 GTRs

The victory was certainly a great spectacle but the colourful and characterful liveries were also part of what makes these cars so special. Said liveries have been hand-painted onto the five special Senna GTRs to pay respect to the original race cars, apparently taking over 800 hours to paint each Senna GTR LM. A truly unfathomable amount of time and dedication to do the original liveries justice and although each car took at least 800 hours to paint, there are “individual cars far exceeding that” amount of time.

McLaren Senna Le Mans F1 GTRs

Of course, as you may have deduced, this huge project was undertaken by MSO (McLaren Special Operations) which is McLaren’s specialist division that takes care of bespoke projects, from something as small as custom stitching requested by a customer to, well, something as big as this project.

McLaren Senna Le Mans F1 GTRs

MSO went the distance when recreating the iconic liveries and even had to contact brands such as Harrods and Gulf to get permission to use their logos once again for private cars that won’t actually be racing. Thanks to this, the famous yellow and green ‘Harrods car’ will still have the Harrods logo and the same can be said for the Gulf car, the Ueno Clinic car and so on.

As well as a true replication of the original liveries, these special Senna GTR LMs also feature enhancements to the engine, producing 20PS more than the standard Senna GTR. This is achieved with ‘recalibration of the powertrain electronics’ or to us, what sounds like a fancy remap. The rev limiter has also been pushed even closer to the limit near 9,000 rpm rather than 8,250 soft limit and the torque curve has been adjusted to deliver more torque at lower revs.

McLaren Senna Le Mans F1 GTRs

Another great detail found on each of these one-off cars is the wheels. Designed to be just like the wheels on the original race cars by the same company, OZ Racing, the five-spoke wheels are bespoke to these five Senna GTR LMs. The brake callipers behind them are also painted in satin gold, just as found on the originals.

McLaren Senna Le Mans F1 GTRs

No detail was spared when it came to creating these incredible machines and we hope that we hear about them in the future at shows and perhaps even in motion, rather than them being stored away into a temperature-controlled storage garage.

So, ordered yours yet? Let us know in the comments!

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