I recently write about the much anticipated all electric MINI, due to go into production in 2019. Now we can reveal some fine images; meet the MINI Electric Concept – and as predicted, this will indeed be revealed at the forthcoming 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show from 16-24 September (there are two prior press days from 12-13 September, so don’t be surprised to see photos appearing before the show is even open to the public).

As well as these lovely images, MINI has said that it will reveal further technical details at Frankfurt as well, with the prospect of ‘exciting drive dynamics’.

mini electric concept front

Unsurprisingly, MINI have tweaked the design and created a slightly more futuristic car to herald the first ever all electric hatchback from MINI. It certainly stands out with a combination of sleek lines and bold angles. It seems we are definitely moving away from the retro trend that got the public onside for the reboot of the MINI hatchback, Fiat 500 and the Beetle. Gone are those styling hints that reach back to the past – I wonder if Fiat and VW may take the same approach in future?

mini electric concept rear side

Of course, as I said before we’ve had the MINI E electric vehicle in the past and we do have the MINI Countryman hybrid plug-in vehicle – but this is the first full, all electric MINI. More good news – it will be a full production model come the arrival of 2019. So expect some variants and special editions to be announced over the coming months too.

mini electric concept side

MINI also promises ‘maximised range’ and with the autonomous iNEXT promising a new leap forward in everyday electric battery range (around 300 miles) it would not be too much of a leap to suspect that the MINI will utilise the same – or similar – powertrain/battery technology. The iNEXT is planned for 2021 incidentally, so although it might appear that more information on this model has been released than the electric MINI, the latter will appear first.

mini electric concept roof

The whole car is subtly striking, but take a look at those rear LED lights – Union Jack no less, keeping the uniquely British heritage of the car alive and well. So no need for an eye-catching Union Jack roof then with those rear lights, but that gradient yellow colour scheme is a great alternative.

mini electric concept rear

Without the need for a radiator, MINI has made the bold move to redesign the look of the front improving aerodynamics. In fact, the more you look at this car, the better it gets – certainly not hindered by some strikingly unique looking angular alloys that offset the lines of the car itself beautifully.

mini electric concept radiator grille

Taste is subjective (well, mostly) but I think you’ll agree that it’s hard to find fault with the design or colour way of the MINI Electric Concept hatchback.

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