Over a hot August bank holiday weekend, what could be better than a giant ice cream? A free giant ice cream, served from the biggest ice cream van in the world, that’s what! This pink behemoth was commissioned by Skoda to star in a new TV ad for their fastest car ever; the new Octavia vRS that’s just gone on sale, and now it’s finished filming, the unmissable monster truck will be serving up King-Kong-size-cones on a month-long UK tour; starting in Great Yarmouth. Yum!


If you fancy a frozen freebie, track down the truck at these other events and venues: The Bournemouth Air Festival – Thursday 29 August to Sunday 1 September. Various ‘King of the Mountains’ stages at Tour of Britain. Dates TBC – for more information follow @SkodaUKCycling. The Royal County of Berkshire Show at Newbury – Saturday 21 September and Sunday 22 September. We can just imagine the kids nearly exploding with excitement when they see this thing!

The Bigfoot-busting Skoda ice cream van measures over 21 feet tall, weighs a crushing 5.5 tonnes, and is said to carry ‘more than enough’ 99 Flakes. It took a team of (deranged?) engineers over 3 weeks to build and stars in the new advert for the Octavia vRS, which hits TV screens on Sunday 25 August. The ice cream van features alongside other maxed-out versions of everyday gadgets, including a giant toy trike, a lawnmower with drag racer exhausts and flaming go-faster stripes, and the vRS Man-Pram. This little lot might be proving hard to imagine, so it’s a case of check the ad out for yourself and pick a favourite.

Skoda monster ice cream truck

Fortunately, it’s an entirely different engineering team that built the new Octavia vRS, so it’ll be 18-inch wheels for the vRS instead of the 5-footers on the kingsize ice-creamer. The 217bhp vRS has just gone on sale in the UK, and with a starting price of £22,990, the fastest Skoda ever – 62mph in 6.8 seconds and 154mph at the top – not only looks good and goes good, it’s priced real tasty too.

Skoda monster ice cream truck

Skoda monster ice cream truck


By Dan Anslow


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