500 van drivers are surveyed on their aggressive driving, environmentalism and more.

There are a lot of stereotypes for van drivers and this new survey certainly challenges them.

Fiat Professional surveyed 500 van drivers, asking them questions about their thoughts on being environmentally friendly, how clean their van cabin is and even asked them if they’re vegetarian. These questions were likely made to challenge the van driver stereotype, being mostly male drivers with a reputation for aggressive driving among other things.

Van Drivers Considering Switching To Electric

Of course, these results are to be taken with a grain of salt as we know that surveys can use leading questions and may not be representative of the participants’ true values and beliefs. That being said, the results are definitely surprising.

Addressing the suggestion that van drivers are dirty and don’t take care of their cabins, 77% of respondents claimed they take good care of their interiors keeping them clean and tidy.

Van Drivers Considering Switching To Electric

When it comes to being an aggressive driver, just under two thirds of van drivers surveyed were offended by the idea that they exhibit aggressive behaviour on the roads.

Now, some may assume that there wouldn’t be many vegan or vegetarian van drivers on the road but of the 500 surveyed, around 1 in 5 of them are! A staggering 91% of those surveyed agreed that it’s important for everyone to be as environmentally friendly as possible, although we imagine that question was slightly loaded.

Van Drivers Considering Switching To Electric

Continuing with environmentalism, Fiat Professional found that around two thirds of van drivers support government plans to reduce emissions on UK roads and most agree businesses should be doing their part, with 84 percent saying companies should have a fleet of environmentally friendly vehicles.

But just how many are looking to practice what they preach in the near future? Around 35% said that they will be considering making their next van an electric one.

This survey comes as Fiat launch their new E-Ducato which features a 192-mile range and a class leading load capacity of 1,950kg. Although many may scoff at a meagre 192 miles but in a survey by Fiat Professional, they found that this is almost four times the average daily distance travelled by van drivers.

With excellent fuel savings and tax/congestion savings too, electric vans are making more sense every day.

Let us know what you think about electric vans, in the comments below.

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