The iconic tadpole Cafe racer car. A machine that we’re surprised even exists.

How can a car be new but old at the same time? How can a car be absolutely awful, yet perfect simultaneously? How is it even possible that a car can ignore all the rules of designing a working automobile and still manage to not only function but be one of the most engaging cars to drive? Well, for the answer to those questions, look no further than the Morgan 3-Wheeler.

Morgan 3-Wheeler

The Morgan Motor Company is so British that it has the Union Jack in its logo. Also, in the most British way possible, Morgan cars are known to be pretty unreliable and the 3-Wheeler is no exception. But realistically, the 3-Wheeler wasn’t made to be reliable or comfortable or accessible, it was made to be a work of art and a homage to the simple days of motoring and even motor racing. If you want reliability, look elsewhere.

Morgan 3-Wheeler

The first thing you may notice about the car, even just by reading its name, is that it has just three wheels. The first connotation of a three-wheeled car may be a Reliant Robin and this image in your mind may include said Robin tipped on its side. In this regard, the Morgan successfully subverts expectations and delivers what some may deem impossible – a cool three-wheeler!

It’s low to the ground, features retro styling, has an exposed exhaust and no roof! There’s no denying that this is an odd vehicle and the oddness of it is likely why it has been able to sustain steady sales over the decades as it’s evolved from generation to generation.

Morgan 3-Wheeler

On the nose, the car wears its exposed engine as one of the most complex and expensive front bumpers ever made. As I said, it may not make much sense design-wise but damn, does it look cool. What also doesn’t make sense is that the 3-Wheeler handles very well with a fine level of control and stability, despite lacking a fourth wheel.

The 3-Wheeler may not be made for anyone taller than 6 foot and even if you’re below that height it may still feel like you’re wearing a car rather than sitting in one. It may also be hard to reach the brake pedal, your right arm may not have a place to sit inside the vehicle and your head very well may be acting as a very un-aerodynamic spoiler. You may be a constant danger due to the lack of any kind of protection or safety. Regardless, the 3-Wheeler is a bundle of pur motoring passion mixed in with a vintage, war-era style.

Morgan 3-Wheeler

The skinny little wheels, the endless amount of chrome, the quilted leather seats, all of it together makes for one of the most wonderfully weird packages available in the motoring world. It’s certainly no surprise that this car is once again making a return with a new model in 2022 and despite looking 100 years old, those who are unaware will be very surprised to learn that this car was first introduced to the world just ten years ago in 2011.

It’s uncomfortable, impractical, unsafe, slow and costs more than a Mercedes-Benz C-Class but it’s so fantastically weird, we all secretly want one!

Let us know your thoughts on the Morgan 3-Wheeler, in the comments.

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