Morgan’s new 3 Wheeler is back with a polarising change and some significant upgrades.

The iconic three-wheel sports car returns as Morgan shares details of the all-new and improved 3 Wheeler.

In what is possibly the most hilariously useless pre-production disguise, images of the new 3 Wheeler have been shared with the public for the first time. Although the disguise may utterly fail to hide what this ‘mysterious’ new car is and what it looks like, Morgan has been sure to hide exactly what has been improved in this new model.

Morgan's 3 Wheeler Returns With A Bang

First off, the new engine that Morgan has chosen for their latest 3 Wheeler is certainly a point for discussion. Whilst many details are still unknown, it has been confirmed that a naturally aspirated inline three-cylinder Ford engine will power the car rather than a V-Twin.

This comes as a rather bitter-sweet revelation for Morgan enthusiasts. Many are glad to hear that the 3 Wheeler will still be available with an internal combustion engine, rather than just the rumoured all-electric powertrain that was tested in a previous prototype. On the other hand, some fans are not so enthusiastic about the loss of the stylish and more brutal V-Twin which was previously mounted outside of the car in all of its shiny chrome glory.

Morgan's 3 Wheeler Returns With A Bang

As we can see from the images, the new 3 Wheeler will lack the polished engine at the front of the car and instead the new inline-3 engine will be housed internally, likely because it’s just not pretty enough to be shown off front and centre.

In the press release, Morgan stated that “The all-new model will be powered by an internal combustion engine at launch” which could be hinting that an electric model is coming in the future.

Although details of the “significant engineering enhancements” have not been shared at this time, Steve Morris, Chairman and CEO of Morgan Motor Company, describes the new model as an “all-new ground-up design” so our expectations for improvements is placed fairly high.

Despite the new engine perhaps being considered as less exciting by many enthusiasts, one could argue that using a naturally aspirated i3 Ford engine (possibly taken from a base Ford Fiesta) saves costs, keeps the car affordable and hopefully will be reliable. Potentially, it could also leave the door open for turbocharged variants further down the road.

Let us know your thoughts on the new Morgan 3 Wheeler (name not confirmed yet), in the comments.

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