A life-changing award, made for passionate motoring enthusiasts with a vision

With a prize of up to £20,000 of funding that only requires an ambitious motoring idea to win, the Motor-Vision Awards are not to be overlooked. If you’re still wondering whether the Motor-Vision Awards are something you should be interested in, then read on because we’re going to dive deep into what they are, who they’re for and why it matters!

How to win the Motor-Vision Awards

If you’re reading this, chances are you have your eyes set on that £20,000 funding prize.

To win, all you have to do is have an original, ambitious, inspiring motoring-based idea that you’re willing to see through to the very end. Think of it like Dragon’s Den – no one wins with a poorly planned, mediocre idea.


The motoring “dream” or “vision” should be well thought out, achievable and exciting. We don’t encourage dangerous or irresponsible ideas, so if it includes driving 200 mph on a motorway, chances are we’ll have to say no.

Learner Driver 1

Your idea can take any shape and size, as long as it’s related to motoring. Whether you want to create the fastest 7 seater in the world, break the record for fastest Nurburgring lap time in reverse gear or drive across the world in an old Yaris, the MVAs are the place to submit your crazy ideas.


Entries are free and only take a moment

You can submit your idea right now by visiting the Motor-Vision Awards page. All we ask for is your name, email address and your idea. The short form will only take 5 minutes and all entries are free, unlike a lot of other competitions! Entries close on the 31st of July, so get submitting! Click here to enter!

Who were the previous winners and what did they do?

You can read more about them here, but we can offer a brief overview so you can get an idea of what an award-winning idea can look like. In 2017, Dan and Dave won the Motor-Vision Awards with their brilliant and ambitious idea of driving all the way to Tokyo with nothing but themselves, a few supplies and a Toyota Yaris! What makes it even more inspiring is that they’ll also be donating proceeds to BBC Children In Need.

Dan & Dave Yaris 9

Before them, a group of 3 guys, Paul Archer, Johno Ellison and Leigh Purnell, aimed to break the world record for the longest taxi journey ever.

It's on the meter

And before the taxi trio, a team of three journalists drove across the whole of America in an old banged-up Cadillac.

The second entry to win dreamed of restoring Europe’s first-ever dragster, the Allard Chrysler Action, to its full former glory. The perfectly restored icon is now owned by the National Motor Museum Trust at Beaulieu.

Lastly, the first-ever winner, Duncan Mortimer, pitched to us the idea of taking a worldwide road trip in a classic 1978 Mini Clubman, all to raise money for Cancer Research. The trip was both a celebration of his love for the car and of the 50th anniversary of the Mini’s launch.

What’s the process?

Once you’ve submitted your idea to us, it will then be read and reviewed by our team of judges. If you have been shortlisted, you will be contacted via email and the finalists’ will be announced on the Motor-Vision and Performance Direct websites.


Successful teams/individuals will then be asked to take part in agreed activities to promote their own ideas, as well as the Motor-Vision Awards. After further shortlisting and judging, a single winner will come out on top as this year’s winners of the Motor-Vision Awards.

Although we offer up to £20,000 of funding, we will support ideas that will not be able to utilise the full budget. In other words, no idea is too small, as long as it has heart, it has a potential to win the MVAs.

If you still have any unanswered questions about the Motor-Vision Awards, don’t hesitate to get in contact with us via social media, email or phone!

Enter here today if you haven’t already!

Good luck!

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