The second previous winners post will be on Matt Jones and his coast to coast trip across America in a 1978 Cadillac Elderado.

Matt bought the Cadillac for $1000 on ebay, and along with his 2 friends, they attempted the 2600-3200 mile long journey to see if a coast to coast trip across America can be done on the same budget as a fortnight stay at Center Parcs.

The journey would begin in Columbus, Ohio, not surprisingly at a garage.

The Cadillac had some problems before the journey had even started, and the car would break down 12 whole miles down the road with a brake failure.

700+ miles later, the boys arrived in Kansas, a place Matt described as ‘’the most boring place in the world’’.

On top of that, the old Cadillac broke down again, this time it was the fuel and air filters.

Next stop was Colorado and I think it’s fair to say, the boys were glad they weren’t in Kansas anymore.

The Cadillac needed a new fuel pump and the boys did suffer slight symptoms of altitude sickness.

However it wasn’t all doom and gloom as they were invited to the beautiful Evergreen Red Rocks for a small gathering that involved some great country music.

The next part of the journey was a nervy one as the stunning, mars like deserts of Utah awaited in a very unreliable car, although the car did make it to an overnight motel.

However, when the boys returned to the desert roads of Utah the next day, their luck did inevitably run out.

Around 80 miles away from Las Vegas, the car started to overheat and leak, and things got worse as the water pump and a belt broke.

This meant they had to be towed into Vegas, not the entrance they had in mind.

Amazingly the Cadillac did make it to the end of the journey in Santa Barbara, California, albeit only just.

Here is where Matt sold the car to a man named Ruben and the journey was complete.

The budget of the trip was slightly over the planned £3,000, which was equivalent to a fortnight stay in Center Parcs, but we’d take this over Center Parcs any day.

If you have something similar to these guys, this year we are giving you the chance to make your motoring dream become a reality.

Application entries open on May the 1st, so make sure to follow us on social media to keep up to date with the Motor Vision Awards.




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