Paradise Wildlife Park are one of our three 2018 Motor-Vision Award winners – receiving our funding and support for their project: Drive 4 Wildlife.

Here’s all you need to know about their project as they embark on their amazing adventure…

About Paradise Wildlife Park, Zoological Society of Hertfordshire (ZSH) and the Big Cat Sanctuary

Established by Peter Sampson in 1984, Paradise Wildlife Park is family run and located in Hertfordshire, England. 18 years ago, Paradise created the ‘Big Cat Sanctuary’ in Kent, acting as their rescue and breeding centre for big cats. In 2017, they founded the Zoological Society of Hertfordshire (ZSH) charity, which aims to help support wildlife conservation projects in the UK and across the globe.

Paradise is the only wildlife park in the United Kingdom to house five different species of big cats, including; lions, tigers, snow leopards, jaguars and a white tiger. They also have a wide selection of mammals and primates including meerkats and gibbons as well as reptiles and farm animals.

Paradise Wildlife Park, ZSH and the Big Cat Sanctuary have gained national recognition and awards for their work in raising funds for animal protection organisations, for instance; the Lemur and Madagascan EAZA, the Cheetah and Rhino Conservation, Lion Collaring for Ol Pejeta Conservation and even rehabilitating African Lions back to Uganda. They have also been praised for their work with animal breeding, care and welfare.

Meet the ‘Drive 4 Wildlife’ team

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Tyler Whitnall is the Marketing Manager of Paradise Wildlife Park, grandson of Peter Sampson who founded the animal park. Tyler also works with charities to help protect wildlife. Like his brothers (Cameron and Aaron), he grew up at the Park, surrounded by all sorts of animals, especially big cats. Despite Tyler being surrounded by animals when he was younger, he wanted to be a professional footballer. However, soon after he started to help out at the Park, he fell in love with the job and the Park’s aims and he has been working with his family ever since.

Cameron Whitnall is Head of Video at Paradise Wildlife Park, also the grandson of the Park’s Founder, Peter Sampson, he’s the younger brother to Tyler and Aaron. Like his brothers, Cameron grew up at the park, surrounded by animals 24/7. Aiming to ‘do something important with his life to make an impact on the world’ he’s looking forward to achieving this with help of his brothers.

Redmond Boulton is Head of Social Media at Paradise Wildlife Park. He grew up with the Whitnall family, attending both primary and secondary school with Tyler, Aaron and Cameron, visiting the Park nearly every week. Redmond wants to raise as much awareness and funds for conservation projects as possible.

Aaron Whitnall is the Operations Co-ordinator for Paradise Wildlife Park, again the grandson of Peter Sampson. Like his brothers, Aaron grew up surrounded by animals at Paradise Wildlife Park and the Big Cat Sanctuary but has also travelled to many wildlife parks around the world to gain an understanding of working with animals. He has also travelled around the world to see the threats that wildlife faces and the conservation efforts that are taking place around the world.

About ‘Drive 4 Wildlife’

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Currently the plan is…

The Drive4Wildlife team will arrive in Nairobi to pick up their 4×4 vehicle and then travel across the Kenyan boarder into Tanzania, where their first stop is with the African Wild Dogs charity in Arusha. This links back to a successful initiative launched 25 years ago by Paradise Wildlife Park to counter the effects of canine distemper that, at the time, killed over 70% of the lion populations and was affecting communities within East Africa.

Their second stop in Tanzania is to a project set up by the African Wildlife Foundation (AWF). AWF’s Manyara Ranch sits in a critical wildlife corridor for elephants, making it a hotspot for poachers.

They will then move into Rwanda and to the habitat of the mountain gorilla (once again with AWF). They will be working with the rangers, highlighting the work the AWF has achieved and demonstrating how the Silver Back Lodge and has made a huge impact on the economic development of Rwanda and the way their government wants to protect wildlife and encourage eco-tourism.

Next they travel to Uganda and to the Ugandan Wildlife Education Centre where they will learn about the charity, getting involved with their work before donating the funds required to purchase and kit out a special vehicle that will be used to rescue injured animals and help assist anti-poaching patrols.

Lastly, they’ll travel back through Kenya to visit the Ol Pejeta wildlife reserve to highlight the work Paradise has achieved with them over the past years.

At every location they will be delivering donations to the charities in the form of both equipment and funds. Road conditions, breakdowns and unforeseen circumstances permitted, the trip is scheduled to take just over two weeks.

Both Motor-Vision and Paradise Wildlife Park will be working closely together in the coming months to provide detailed updates on their progress.

Stay updated!

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What is the Motor-Vision Awards?

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As well as Paradise, the 2018 Motor-Vision Awards saw two other winning projects – you can click here to find out more.

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