The Motor-Vision Awards 2018 is now coming to a close as the Motor-Vision judges pick their finalists.

The 2018 Motor-Vision Awards opened on the 1st May 2018 and we soon received a huge number of intriguing and unique applications. We are extremely grateful of everyone who has shown interest or entered this year’s Motor-Vision Awards.

More recently we hosted the Community Voting Stage. This saw great engagement amongst both the community and candidates, in the end we received a total of 6898 votes!

What was the Community Voting Stage?

The Community Voting Stage allowed the motoring community to have their say on who they think should be fast-tracked into the final interview stage.

Simply speaking, the candidate with the most votes will be fast-tracked into the finals, where they will be interviewed by a panel of judges.

The fast-tracked candidate will also be joined by other Motor-Vision shortlisted applicants to the interview stage and some candidates will eliminated from the competition in the process.

The final winner(s) of the Motor-Vision Awards 2018 will be decided shortly after the interview stage in October, so be sure to be kept updated by subscribing to our weekly newsletter here.

Who won the Community Vote?

The winner of the Community Vote was Paradise Wildlife Park with their project ‘4×4 for Africa’ with a grand total of 2430 votes!

A massive thank you again to everyone who has shown interest this years Motor-Vision Awards.


Here are the finalists who will be taking part in the interview stage, this will be hosted in London at the start of October.

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4×4 for Africa | Paradise Wildlife Park

4x4 for Africa - Paradise Wildlife Park - Motor-Vision Awards 2018

With the help of the Motor-Vision Awards, the Paradise Wildlife Park team aim to do something really special – to fit out, deliver and donate an anti-poaching ranger 4×4 vehicle to Ol Pejeta Conservancy. In short, to help save animal lives.

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Paradise have already acquired a suitable second hand 4×4 locally, they will use their contacts and considerable charm to up-spec the vehicle for the Reserve’s requirements, adding cameras and other important anti-poaching technology.

The vehicle will then be shipped from the UK to Africa, Paradise’s team will then drive across East Africa for three weeks. Along the way they will be making contributions to various charities and wildlife organisations before arriving at Ol Pejeta Conservancy. This is one of Kenya’s most respected animal conservation parks, who’s focus is innovative, tangible, sustainable conservation for wildlife and people, to present them with the vehicle to support their on-going work.

The build up and the trip will be documented and shared across their social media channels.

About Paradise and their team:

Paradise Wildlife Park was formed in 1984 and is well known for its animal breeding and conservation work.  In 2017, Paradise became a charity, the Zoological Society of Hertfordshire, and to date they have made contributions of over £5,000,000 to charities, conservation projects and wildlife causes in the UK and around the world.

Paradise is a part of the European Endangered Species Breeding Programme, with successful Jaguar, African Penguin, Lar Gibbon, Cotton Top Tamarin, Silvery Marmoset and Red Ruff Lemur births in the past two years alone.

They were recently voted Hertfordshire’s Top Tourist Attraction and have a Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence.

The 4×4 for Africa team will consist of four key members of the charity. Three of the four are the Park’s founder, Peter Sampson’s, grandsons: Tyler Whitnall will manage the trip and take the lead on the conservation projects.  Cameron Whitnall will be head of video and content creation, and Aaron Whitnall, the eldest of Peter’s grandsons, an animal keeper and experienced presenter, will explain the story behind the trip and each project we assist. Lastly, Head of Social Media and lifelong friend of the Park, Redmond Boulton, will oversee social media and handle any mechanics.

An Electrifying Leafy Green Tour of Britain | Lucy Rigley

Lucy Rigley Motor-Vision Awards 2018

Lucy entered the Motor-Vision Awards to treat her family to a UK road trip to teach them about the environment by stopping at some historic and environmentally friendly attractions in a Nissan Leaf, a fully electric 5-seater compact car.

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These environmental and historic attractions could include but not limited to; Centre for Alternative Technology in Wales, Eden Project in Cornwall, Living Rainforest in Berkshire, Kew Gardens in London, National Botanic Garden in Wales, Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh and historic places such as Stonehenge and the Tower of London.

Her vehicle will be covered in stick-on-graphics in the shape of leaves. These leaves can be sponsored by companies to help make the trip come true.

*The image above is an example. The sponsors shown are not yet confirmed*

More about Lucy:

Lucy is a Digital Designer who lives with her husband and 2 sons, aged 4 and 6. She also entered last years Motor-Vision Awards which was to create her very own LEGO Mini!

This would have been a LEGO wrapped Mini Cooper where companies and organisations could sponsor a brick. Once the customisation was completed, she planned to take her family on a road trip to the LEGO headquarters in Denmark. However, her project hit a dead end but this year she is back with a new and improved plan!

HubNut’s Electric Fox Mission | Ian Seabrook

Ian entered the Motor-Vision Awards with the dream of restoring a 1984 Reliant Fox but with a twist! He wants to fully restore the vehicle to its former glory and then convert it into a fully electric version. Once completed, Ian will embark on a once-in-a-lifetime road trip to Greece!

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The Fox was first sold in Greece so once the challenging restoration and conversion is completed, he will then attempt to drive the vehicle from his home in Wales all the way to Athens!

He hopes that the trip will help raise funds for lesser known charities and hospices.

More about Ian:

He is a motoring writer, editor and videographer, who loves to indulge himself into mad automotive adventures in hopeless vehicles!

Some of Ian’s previous projects include purchasing a 1990 Dacia 1310 in Romania and then driving it 2,500 miles back home to the UK. Another was restoring a Nissan Bluebird with a ruined head gasket back to good health. Yet another project of his was rebuilding a 2CV which was partially crowdfunded.

Travel Bug – Fiona and Camilla

Fiona Easterby Motor-Vision Awards 2018

Pedro the Baja Bug entered the Motor-Vision Awards because he wants another adventure. He has reluctantly agreed to allow his owner, Fiona and her friend, Camilla, to join him on a drive around South America visiting every country on the continent.

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Their journey will start in Columbia, they’ll drive south through Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and Chile to Tierra del Fuego, which marks the bottom most tip of the South American continent. From there they will turn north, driving through Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Brazil. Venezuala is a trouble hotspot at the moment, so they will just duck across the border long enough to visit Mount Roirama, the mysterious mountain habitat made famous in Arthur Conan Doyle’s ‘The Lost World’.

Then they continue into Brazil, across to Paraguay then North again through the Brazilian Amazon. From Northern Brazil they will duck across the Venezuelan border just long enough to visit Mount Roirama. Finally, after crossing Guyana and Suriname, they will reach French Guiana which will mark the end of their journey through every country in South America.

The journey will take them an estimated five and a half months. Ideally they will look at setting off around mid October 2019, to avoid the rainy season and tie in with some amazing local festivals. They plan to meet other VW owners along their route, including the former president of Uruguay who drove a Beetle to work through his entire time in office and donated his salary to charity.

Fiona too has raised thousands for charity through her various motoring adventures including landmine clearance projects in Kosovo, mine victim rehabilitation in Laos, Great Ormond Street Children’s hospital and the Parkinsons Society.

They will be visiting children’s homes, indigenous communities, women’s cooperatives and eco projects in South America so are sure to find some very worthy causes. They would also like to support a cancer charity as both their mothers were cancer sufferers.

More about Fiona and Camilla:

Fiona is the proud owner of Pedro the Baja Bug which she used to travel between the UK and Singapore back in 2009, so this journey would mark the 10 year anniversary of her last VW adventure. She has also driven a £100 banger from the UK to Gambia, competed in the Mongol Rally with a Nissan Micra and chased the Millie Miglia round Italy.

She is an experienced TV camera woman and Camilla is a stand up comic. They intend to film their travels to create their very own TV series, although the star of the show will most definitely be the car. Pedro the Baja Bug is a pretty cool car, a true go anywhere classic, but his real talent is in making people smile and finding new friends wherever he goes.

You can read more about her work and previous adventures by clicking here.

Golf MK2 Project | Tiana Adams


Tiana suffers from poor health and has relied on her loving husband to take care of her for the last 12 years. As a big thank you to her supportive husband, she entered the Motor-Vision Awards for funds to help her husband, John, fully restore his beloved Volkswagen MK2 Golf.

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Her husband has already done a lot of work on the Golf himself and now he just needs a helping hand to finish the project off to a standard that he wouldn’t be able to do alone.

John does a lot for both the community and her, so she feels that he deserves an award for all his hard work. Tiana knew the perfect way to cheer him up and to thank him for all the support he has given over the last 12 years – which was to help him fully restore his Volkswagen Golf!

More about Tiana:

Tiana is 38 years young and is married to her husband John who has just turned 43. They have just celebrated their 10 year wedding anniversary.

Chris Carter Racing | Chris Carter

Chris Carter Motor-Vision Awards 2018

Chris entered the Motor-Vision Awards to help fund his future disabled racing career and his long-term plan to set up an organisation which can support and nurture disabled racers much like himself and use his campaign as a springboard to raise awareness and provide support for future racing talent.

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He is hoping to start his first saloon car race at Castle Combe Circuit in Wiltshire this year. However, he is lacking in funds and hopes that the Motor-Vision Awards can help.

More about Chris:

Chris is 36 years old, has two children and lives in Evesham. He suffers from Cerebral Palsy but this has not stopped him from achieving his dream of becoming a racing driver.

So far, Chris who is aiming to become a professional racing driver, has passed the MSA Extended ARDS Test and gained his National B Racing Licence with the help of 1996 Formula One World Champion, Damon Hill.

He commented, “growing up I was always being told what I would never be able to do because of my disability but I’ve proven everyone wrong since I began my journey to become a racing driver. Now, I want my story to inspire other people like me to follow their dreams and not take ‘NO’ for an answer.”

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