Previously dubbed as the Performance Direct non-standard Awards, now reborn as the Motor-Vision Awards. The awards helped fuel the adventures of Richard Sears and Nick Gough  in their delightful tuk tuk.

This year with so many great entries it was decided that the prize money would be spilt. The team of eager of graduates decided on sending two enthusiastic, if not crazy, members of the team around the world in a tuk tuk. The vehicle is driven by two teachers, Richard Sears and Nick Gough, along with the passion to succeed and to promote the importance of education around the world.

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The tuk tuk (Tommy Temp) is to be the pairs home pride and joy for the next year or so and was destined to become the face of the campaign. The idea was brought to light when they met Tommy 8 years previously in Thailand, the adventurous pair wanted to do something to inspire and educate people in less economically developed countries.

Tuk Tuk Travels 2

After 4 years of planning and saving, the team were hoping to travel through over 50 countries and 65,000km and by including those who were currently lacking education meant that as teachers they could encourage education as well as raise awareness. In doing this, the pair were also hoping to break a world record for the longest distance travelled in an auto-rickshaw.

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The voyage began from the British Museum in London the day after the London Olympics in 2012. With the excitement of the games filling the UK they set off around England and began to promote their travels as well as raise some last minute funds for the trip.

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By the time the guys at Tuk Tuk Travels had applied to the Motor-Vision Awards they were well underway with their adventure. Never the less, the unique and adventurous idea immediately caught the eye of the Motor-Vision judges, and the team lead by Richard Sears were notified about a preliminary interview.

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On the 11th February 2013, the team at Motor-Vision undertook the interviews. The majority of applicants arrived at the offices for a face to face interview but the guys at the Tuk Tuk Travels were approaching Western Tanzania, this meant a Skype interview was conducted. After much deliberation the Motor-Vision judges named Richard Sears and the team the second winners of the award and agreed to help them with their worthy cause.

Tuk Tuk Travels 6

By this point they had made it through most of Europe and some of Africa and their charity The Tuk Tuk Educational Trust had been well established and was bringing in donations thick and fast. With the rest of the world to conquer with the tuk tuk, the team were much relieved with the winnings and explained that it would help them get that little bit closer to reaching their final destination.

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Do you have an amazing motoring ambition, but don’t have the cash to make it happen? Perhaps it’s a road trip you always wanted to take, a record attempt, a restoration, a challenge, a charity project or something we simply can’t even imagine!? Then the Motor-Vision Awards is for you! You can register by clicking here.

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