Technology and engineering has come a long way since the days of the unicycle and it seems something that was once more associated to a clown or a circus, has now become the base concept for the all new, innovative RYNO scooter.

The scooter has been designed by RYNO Motors in Portland, USA and was created specifically with commuters in mind. The one-wheeled, battery powered scooter travels at a speed of 25 mph, has the added benefit of free parking anywhere and can be the answer to many a rush hour problem.

RYNO one wheeled scooter

While beating the traffic the RYNO works much the same way as a Segway where in order to accelerate the driver will need to lean forward and to decelerate will need to lean backward.

However, in contrast to the Segway the RYNO scooter is fitted with self-balancing technology that means if the driver leans too far on one side, the scooter will shift the balance automatically to prevent any accidents and near misses.

The original concept is based around the notion from the firm’s CEO Chris Hoffmann in 2009 where the idea came from a request by his daughter. She was playing a game in which she had seen a one-wheeled motorbike and subsequently asked her father to make her one for her journeys to school. As you do.

RYNO one wheeled scooter with CEO Chris Hoffmann

Hoffman states that ‘With a product like RYNO, a rider can slip behind a wall, cut up the alley, around behind the big oak tree, down through the park and emerge at a destination long before anyone driving a car could ever get there.’

Reaching the high limit of 25 mph this scooter is probably the ideal city ride.The vehicle has the same restrictions as a mobility scooter, meaning hopping on and off trains and weaving through pedestrianised areas with the one-wheeled motor, shouldn’t be a problem!

Unicycle or scooter?

Maybe it is just a glamorous mobility scooter or perhaps it is an exaggerated Segway but one thing’s for sure here at Motor-Vision we definitely want a ride!

images: The Daily Mail Online

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