There seems to be a plethora of boxy 4x4s steadily streaming out of the design arms of manufacturers these days. That classic Land Rover shape doesn’t need to be aerodynamic of course and so becomes one of those design profiles that simply doesn’t go out of fashion.

The latest to employ the boxy 4×4 off-road ethic is a new Dalmarnock in Scotland based start-up company called ATAE (All Terrain All Electric Ltd) which has been founded by Ross Anderson and Russ Peterson. The duo says that the ATAE Munro EV is designed to fill a gap in the market for what they describe as a ‘back-to-basics’ off-roader that is also battery-powered. The Munro certainly has a no-frills look to it – it actually reminds me of a Tonka Toy; the (almost) unbreakable toy construction vehicles that were so popular in the 1970s. ATAE has been quite brave in allowing the simple uncluttered shape of the Munro to draw you in.

Munro Mark 1 Electric Utilitarian Off-Roader

Aside from a basic overall look, the plan for the Munro Mark 1 EV is quite bold; ATAE has designed their off-road EV to potentially fill the gap left by the original utilitarian Land Rover Defender which continues to be loved – and used – by so many. The Munro Mark 1 is equipped with permanent 4-wheel drive and is built on an old-school ladder chassis. If the Munro looks a little familiar beyond the classic shape, that might be because the Munro is designed around the Foers Ibex F8, using both the body and chassis of that vehicle as a base from which to work from. The Foers Ibex is a fossil-fuelled 4×4, so by adding in an electric powertrain we have the forward looking ATAE Munro EV.

Munro Mark 1 Electric Utilitarian Off-Roader

Full details will be revealed at a later stage during the year, where hopefully ATAE are able to give the rugged off-roader a full traditional launch rather than a purely online one. We do know that ATAE are planning to use as many UK-sourced components as feasibly possible; something that is sure to appeal to the 4×4’s target user. Along with the Yorkshire-based Foers body and chassis, ATAE are also hoping to provide the Munro with a battery made in the UK as well. While further information on this is not as yet available, the manufacturer says that the Munro should be able to achieve 150 miles on one battery charge, or more if driving at low speeds. This is less than we have maybe come to expect these days, but as a farm utility vehicle this is surely going to be just fine.

Munro Mark 1 Electric Utilitarian Off-Roader

The old Land Rover Defender is renowned for being able to be repaired fairly simply due to the way the vehicle was traditionally put together. The Munro Mark 1 will be no different, with Anderson stating that repairability is just as important to ATAE as longevity. Each aluminium panel uses rivets and bonding to connect them to the vehicle framework, allowing replacing panels to be a reasonably simple job. Replacement parts for areas such as suspension and braking are designed to be easily sourced, readily available OEM too. A locking centre differential plus 2-speed transfer box and solid beam axles all go to emphasise that off-road comes first for the ATAE Munro. A payload of 1,000kg should be enough to keep the farmer happy. 350Nm of torque from a standing start and 215hp help to keep the Munro trundling along. If needed, the Munro EV is capable of holding 5 people as well.

Munro Mark 1 Electric Utilitarian Off-Roader

We can look forward to the ATAE Munro Mark 1 being available from next year, with a 12-month period of vigorous testing about to get underway. ATAE plans to offer 2 versions, with the specifically commercial off-roader talked about here coming in at under £50,000, while the option of a more luxurious vehicle will push the price upwards. The company has no current plans to build more than 1,000 units each year.

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