Aston Martin have completed the task of designing the new Vanquish admirably, it is one of the best looking cars currently on the market.

Well apart from the view from the front in my opinion, though the side-on view is near perfect. But then, Aston Martin seem to have a knack of producing good looking cars, you only have to take a peek at James Bond’s DB5 in Goldfinger to remind yourself of this. Let’s face it, any car manufacturer that can make a vehicle look good in shades of ‘sales rep silver’ has to be taken seriously.

Aston Martin New Vanquish feature image

Bond gave the Vanquish his seal of approval in Die Another Day in 2002 of course, inspiring the V12 beauty to earn itself a number three position in the list of Best Film Cars Ever in Autotrader (the Mini Cooper S from The Italian Job taking top spot).

But the love goes on, the Festival Automobile International Paris voted the new Vanquish as its ‘the most beautiful supercar’ which all seems very fitting for a British company celebrating it’s 100th anniversary.

aston martin vanquish 2013 side

To celebrate, Aston Martin want your money – lots of it – by releasing some rather mouth watering Centenary Editions of the Vanquish, DB9, Rapide and V8 Vantage. There is a rather miserly limit of  just 100 cars worldwide for each model. Some nice touches include a paint finish that darkens depending on the contours of the car, solid silver badges and a presentation box that includes a solid silver pen and cufflinks. Even the leather interior has silver thread. No prices yet, but I can bet you will need to be sitting down when they are announced – that silver thread doesn’t come cheap..

centenary vanquish graduated custom paint

The paint finish does sound intriguing, the Vanquish will feature a graduated silver to black finish on the bonnet which in print sounds awful, but I suspect will look rather striking in the metal. After all, Aston Martin have always been a little more about reserved compared to some other supercar manufacturers.

The new Vanquish features a first for Aston Martin too, with body panels created entirely out of carbon fibre while the interior includes more leather than a Village People concert. The use of so much carbon fibre hints that Aston Martin are not going to languish in the past and feed off their own heritage.

aston martin vanquish 2013 interior

Sleek, flush buttons in the cockpit area keep the sweeping interior lines looking as they were designed to look as though there is no internet connectivity. Though I do feel slightly uneasy at even bothering to mention this fact. I mean, why on earth would you want to connect to the internet in a Vanquish anyway?

Any misgivings about not being able to tweet from your cockpit or tell your imaginary friends on Facebook that you are about to drive a Vanquish will be long gone once the engine is fired up. The 6.0 litre V12 engine puts out 565bhp with 0-62mph reached in a time-shifting 4.1 seconds going on to reach a top speed of 183mph.

aston martin vanquish 2013 rear

And if you need to know what the fuel consumption is, then you’re considering the wrong car. But, for the size of the engine and the fact that it’s an all-out supercar, a combined figure of around 19mpg is not too bad. In the great scheme of things it’s not good of course, but stick to clear motorways and you might even get close to 30mpg.

This Vanquish will set you back £189,995, while we continue to wait with baited breath for Centenary Edition pricing.

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