The new Jaguar E-Pace has added a new choice of engine and the smartest in-car AI yet.

Trying to make further improvements on a Jaguar may seem to some people a bit like trying to make a high mountain even taller, with the reality that the view is already great and adding a few more inches like someone from a Hugh Grant film doesn’t really make much difference.

Jaguar E-Pace front side 3

To real jag fanatics, however, the detail really matters. It is the incremental efforts that are sure to impress. More power, more speed, an even sleeker look is something everyone looks for when a new model comes out. After all, merely being fast is like getting to the star line of the 100 metres final; it’s being faster that wins the medals.

Jaguar E-Pace front side 2

For these reasons, the Jaguar E-Pace will certainly get some folk drooling. It’s not so much that it moves so rapidly – although at 0-60 mph in 7.7 seconds it certainly does that – but the way it does so with extra efficiency and smoothness.

Jaguar E-Pace rear side 1

The car now comes with Smart Settings, Adaptive Dynamics and the option of a 200PS Ingenium petrol engine, and by smart settings that means the use of artificial intelligence (AI). In this Jaguar, the car will know everything from how you want the seat set to what music to play. It even tells you if you’ve forgotten to bring your smartphone.

Jaguar E-Pace front side 5

It’s not just the relationship with the driver that the car can adjust to either. The adaptive dynamics enable damping rates to be changed every ten milliseconds to make the body control and handling response smoother.

Jaguar E-Pace rear 1

All this makes for a car that is a joy to drive, with lots of efficiency at 34.4 mpg, provided by a new engine that adds to the possibilities already on offer from the 250PS and 300PS Ingenium petrol engines. All three engines come with particulate filters to cut emissions.

Jaguar E-Pace interior 1

This is a car that offers the finest in cutting edge technology, bringing in AI and offering the top-of-the-range environmental and energy-efficient elements any driver should want.

Jaguar E-Pace front side 1

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