New Ghibli is a mild-hybrid with updated tech and new taillights

For the first time in Maserati’s history, one of their cars is now a hybrid (but it’s not a plug-in hybrid!).

The Ghibli, along with the Quattroporte, was also the first car in the range to sport a diesel engine and now, in 2020, the Ghibli is once again leading portfolio in offering a new form of power to appeal to the ever-changing demands of the auto industry.

New Maserati Ghibli Uses Hybrid 2.0-litre Engine

So, let’s talk about the stat that we’re all wondering about. How much power does it produce and how fast is it? The maximum power output of the new hybrid Ghibli will be 330hp and it will be capable of 0-62mph in 5.7 seconds. This places it a little bit under the current standard Ghibli which, with its non-hybrid 3.0-litre V6, produces 345hp and can do 0-60mph in 5.5 seconds.

New Maserati Ghibli Uses Hybrid 2.0-litre Engine

However, the key difference here is that the new hybrid Ghibli will have a lower fuel consumption of just 33 mpg (combined driving, WLTP) whereas the standard Ghibli was drinking 17 mpg in town and 24 mpg on motorways. That being said, we’re not so sure that Maserati owners will be too concerned with their fuel efficiencies.

Furthermore, emissions are 25% lower than the diesel model and 80kg lighter! While that’s all well and good, the exciting things about this new hybrid are the updated features.

New Maserati Ghibli Uses Hybrid 2.0-litre Engine

The rear lights have finally been updated to be brought up to the same modern finish as the headlights. The LED boomerang-style taillights are inspired by the 3200 GT and the Alfieri concept car, which is very cool.

New Maserati Ghibli Uses Hybrid 2.0-litre Engine

Moving round to the side of the car there are new blue accents in the side grille by the front wheels and these blue accents can also be seen on the side badges at the C pillars, in the seat seams and headrest stitching and even the brake callipers are blue.

New Maserati Ghibli Uses Hybrid 2.0-litre Engine
New Maserati Ghibli Uses Hybrid 2.0-litre Engine

On the inside, a totally new infotainment system has been added to modernise the car, featuring new icons, navigation, a larger 10” screen and Android Auto.

For the petrolheads out there that are wondering if this new hybrid system is as lacklustre as that of a Prius, you should know that Maserati have stated that they have “focused primarily on improving performance” with fuel efficiency and emissions being second priority. Also, this mild-hybrid Ghibli has an exhaust designed specifically for it with the company saying “occupants will still revel in the unmistakable sound that characterises all Maserati models” thanks to optimised resonators.

New Maserati Ghibli Uses Hybrid 2.0-litre Engine

That being said, under the bonnet is a 2.0-litre single-turbo 4-cylinder petrol engine that’s paired with a 48-volt battery and an electric-powered supercharger. While this is a more advanced and efficient setup, people still like to know that they have a 3.0-litre V6 engine with six, not four, cylinders. Whether that really makes any difference is up for debate but people like what they like.

Let us know your thoughts on the new Ghibli in the comments!

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  1. BD Stuart-James

    The new Maserati is a lovely looking car, but I think that the real Maserati fans/owners and collectors will have a rethink about not having a V8 under the bonnet .
    The 2.0 litre set-up will undoubtedly make the car run beautifully and the performance will be exciting, but the V8 loss will take time for the Maserati folk to get used to.
    This seems to be the “New Trend” in performance cars, let’s see how it will be accepted!

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