However hard you look, you’d be hard pressed to work out that this angular SUV is based on the F-550 Ford Super Duty chassis cab. That’s because the Karlmann King is completely clad in bespoke black carbon fibre and steel. 

In fact it looks as if a mathematician equally obsessed with polygons and the F-117 Nighthawk stealth bomber has designed the exterior.

karlmann king suv side 3

Sometimes we see extraordinary concepts that only ever make it to production in heavily watered down form – meanwhile the Karlmann King SUV may indeed look like an outrageous concept, but is as real as any other SUV available.

karlmann king suv badge

The Interior

The Karlmann isn’t called King for nothing; the high-class interior is capable of catering for up to 7 passengers in what is virtually a luxury living room on wheels. There are pull out TVs and tables along with a fridge and a coffee machine as well as separate (from the cab) air conditioning and neon light control. You can even choose the amount of doors you want too – either 4 or 5.

karlmann king suv interior 6


karlmann king suv interior 2

karlmann king suv interior 5


The Power and Performance

Power comes from a massive Ford 6.8-litre V10 engine with 400PS, yet top speed is only around 87mph thanks in part to a basic weight of almost 6,000kg, but who buys a vehicle like this to be fast? Control comes from a 6-speed automatic gearbox as standard.

karlmann king suv

All that luxury really does come at a price though – you can buy the 4×4 Karlmann King from $2.2m, but be quick, as only 12 individual units will be built.

karlmann king suv built in europe

The Size

The Karlmann comes in at 5990mm in length and 2480mm wide and has an approach/departure angle of 30 degrees. The SUV balances on air suspension both front and rear.

karlmann king suv side

A specific app controls the positioning of the tables, 4K UHD TV, PS4, air con, air purifier, refrigerator control, neon lights and satellite phone should you opt for one.

karlmann king suv side

The Manufacturing

The Chinese company IAT Automotive Technology has designed the Karlmann King though it is actually being built in Europe.

karlmann-king-suv in europe

Customisation is of course possible on such an elitist vehicle and includes full body armour that makes the Karlmann as tough as it looks – though expect the initial ‘price from’ to jump up by another million or so for this.

karlmann king suv front

Bulletproofing the vehicle will add more weight too of course, with the fully armoured Karlmann weighing in at around 6 tonnes. The option of full armour plus app controlled SOS Emergency Control does tend to give a hint at the market the Karlmann King is probably being aimed at.

karlmann king suv


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