For as long as I can remember, the Olympics have been a very physical event, showcasing the fittest men and women from all over the world.

However, there is one thing that has been missing for all of these years – Motorsport. Now, hear me out here. Motorsport being included in the Olympic Games is not totally unheard of, as back in the 1900 Olympic Games that was ran in Paris, Motorsport was taken on (albeit a demonstration event), but dropped again shortly hereafter.

You must be saying to yourselves “Motorsport in the Olympics? That’s crazy!”, and I would agree with you, however there has been a hell of a lot crazier Olympic sports over the years, ranging from tug of war, all the way up to painting!

The reason why the Olympics is such a renowned event is because of the vast amounts of physical and mental finesse that you need to have in order to be able to compete and succeed. The same amount of mental and physical finesse, if not more, is needed to be successful in Motorsports, as it requires insane amounts of preparation, knowledge and skill.

 If you’re going fast, expect G-forces and they’re not easy to overcome. For example, in high-speed events such as Formula 1, the G-forces are so strong, that all of the participating drivers need to train their neck and arm muscles to be able to cope. You also require very good stamina, as long days and nights preparing yourself for the event can be extremely tiresome on your body and the way that it functions. Therefore, if you feel that an Olympic sport should have to be physically and mentally draining in order for it to qualify, so far Motorsport is ticking all of those boxes.

Motorsport doesn’t just limit itself to Formula 1. Motorsport is a vast category that contains lots of different smaller events such as Motorcycle Racing, Go-Karting, Rally and so much more. Not only this, but you could also take into count the smaller, more niche categories such as Dirt-bike Racing, Truck Racing, etc. It doesn’t have to be limited to the typical shoebox-esque Formula 1 racing that we all know and love.

We understand that Motorsport can be extremely harmful to the environment, but it doesn’t have to be. Within the recent years, Motorsport has made insane progress towards becoming a greener sport. If you look at the statistics from when the sport originated compared to now, they’re definitely making some fantastic progress. They’re a lot more fuel efficient, and the carbon footprint is decreasing at a rate of knots. With new sports such as Formula E, we could even have a fully-electric Motorsport, which is completely emission-free, still insanely fast, and therefore still exhilarating for all involved.

 So what do you think? Do you think that your country should be competing for gold in a fun-fueled new Olympic sport, or are you against the whole idea? Let us know, we’re excited to find out what you think.

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