In the automotive world there’s been much anticipation for the new Ford GT hypercar and when you get a load of its features you’ll see why for yourself.

Ford GT Hypercar 2017

D’Marge has been referring to the new model as a collector’s car, and it hasn’t even hit the market yet!

It’s certainly onto something though, as there’s only going to be 500 examples of the 2017 Ford GT built over the next two years.


The car is made almost entirely of carbon fibre, including optional carbon-fibre wheels, this means that this is going to be one of the lightest road going cars around and it’s speed is practically limitless. Y’know, apart from the laws and everything.

Lots of detail is basically the theme of this model, and it can be chosen with a number of finishes, as even the wheels have different colour options: Matte or glossy clearcoat, in case you’re wondering.

Ford GT Carbon Fibre Wheels

It’s the weight-saving materials that make all the difference though because it reduces the amount of strain on the suspension and means that the car has a consistent contact with the road.

What you’ll get out of this, as the driver, is improved traction and control of the vehicle, particularly when you’re taking corners.

Front of the Ford GT

You’ll find that it takes a lot less energy to accelerate and get the car up to a cool cruising speed. Similarly, the steering feels light to the touch and resulting in dynamics that are, overall, extremely impressive.

Ford Wheel Grip

Unsurprisingly, the new Ford GT hypercar has good efficiency figures, again this is thanks to the classy and lightweight chassis.


Ford GT Chassis

Ford GT Taillights

But, who gets these limited edition models? Well, in something of a curveball, Ford decided to hand pick the lucky devils who will be driving the new GTs and has given each of them the title of brand ambassador.

There were a long list of requirements, not least the ability to afford the £273,216 price tag, but in the end it was an application process.

Ford Motorsport

People registered and sent in videos of themselves to apply to be the owner of one of the 500 models by showing off their motoring skills and racing footage.

Ford GT Hypercar

Having selected the chosen few, all the manufacturer has to do now is deliver each Ford GT to its rightful owner.

Ford Hypercar

Join us in the anticipation of seeing one of these baby blues streaking past us on the motorway. Ain’t she a beauty.

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