A cult JDM classic that brought innovation to a rather boring segment.

The Nissan Cube is one of those cars you just don’t forget. It’s not exactly a Lamborghini or Ferrari but the Cube has just as much personality, despite having around a tenth of the power.

Nissan Cube Weird Car of The Month

Brought over to the UK after selling successfully in Japan for a number of years, the Cube was a risk due to its bold and bizarre styling which would clash with already established competitors in Europe such as the Honda Jazz and Ford C-Max.

A whopping 12 years after its initial release in Japan, the Cube was introduced to British roads and managed to find a niche of its own. Anything looking this strange is bound to get the attention of those interested and thankfully, there were plenty of Britons willing to spend the money to own a brand new Cube.

Nissan Cube Weird Car of The Month

Featuring an extreme boxy design, some of the Nissan Cube’s key features included a wrap around rear window panel, funky round windows, glass roof and cruise control as standard and a tailgate boot. Priced at £14,000 on release, the Nissan Cube was well-priced for the economy market and offered a unique take on the idea of an affordable car.

In Nissan’s initial press release, they wrote:

“Turning its back on the average look-alike model, the Cube offers a unique solution for 21st century drivers”

Nissan Cube Weird Car of The Month

Although the exterior is instantly recognisable and a cult icon, the interior is also full of character. A wavy dashboard decorates the front, with the option of a small circular shagpile rug to be mounted in the center of the dash. The purpose of this…is unclear.

The gauge cluster is brightly lit and glowing like the city of Tokyo itself and a radial cluster of buttons is mounted in the centre underneath the screen, housing the functions for temperature control and rear window defrost etc.

Named as one of the cars that changed the world by London Design Museum, the Nissan Cube is undoubtedly a cult classic with a design that dared to be different and succeeded in winning over the public. Unlike the Fiat Multipla, the Nissan Cube managed to pull off a design that is alien in comparison to what else was available at the time.

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  1. Vincent Orchiston

    Don’t know what it is about the Nissan Cube but everytime I see the front end of it …it reminds me of Wallace & Grommet …don’t know why ? It just does.


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