The little electric car that could! The Nissan Leaf won’t let you down.

It may not be the coolest-looking electric car and it may not be the fastest but the Nissan Leaf is the most reliable EV out there. Well, according to Warrantywise data at least.

That’s right, it doesn’t come to much of a shock to us that the humble Nissan Leaf comes out on top when it comes to reliability. With it being from a Japanese manufacturer that is already well-known for making highly reliable vehicles and with the Leaf already being cited as a reliable car by many of the top car reviewers such as Carbuyer and Auto Express, we shouldn’t have expected any less!

Nissan LEAF Said To Be Most Reliable EV

Warrantywise’s data consisted of a large pool of Nissan Leafs (or is it Nissan Leaves?), all over three years old and compared the repair data across all cars between the beginning of 2018 up until the end of April 2020.

According to their analysis, Warrantywise found the Nissan Leaf to need the least amount of repairs on average compared to any of the other EVs they have in their database. Furthermore, the Nissan Leaf was also found to be the 7th most reliable car when looking at data for similar-class cars with combustion engines as well.

Nissan LEAF Said To Be Most Reliable EV

So, you could say that the new tech of battery-powered cars is already capable enough to be as reliable as the century-old combustion engine technology. Or, if you’re a bit of a cynic, you could switch it around and argue that even with less moving parts and a more robust design, electric cars still can’t even make it to the top 5 for reliability. Half full vs half empty, I guess.

Nissan LEAF Said To Be Most Reliable EV

The CEO of Warrantywise, Lawrence Wittaker, had this to say:

“Scepticism surrounding the reliability and powertrain longevity of EV technology – particularly the ability of the batteries to consistently hold full charging capacity – has been a concern in the early uptake of plug-in electric vehicles.”

”It is really encouraging to see that the major EV components, such as the powertrain, outperform petrol and diesel counterparts after the manufacturer’s warranty expires. Overall numbers of repairs and the severity and complexity of them are encouragingly low for anyone eyeing up a second-hand EV bargain.”

Let us know if you would consider a Nissan Leaf to replace your petrol or diesel car!

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