What other anti-electric manufacturers will change their minds?

In a rather shocking announcement, Rolls Royce recently announced that their first all-electric car is on its way!

Rolls-Royce Spectre Electric Car

Called the Spectre, this all-electric Rolls Royce will be a two-door coupe and is due to be on sale by the end of 2023. Furthermore, the Chief Executive at Rolls Royce has also gone on record to say that the company will not be making any combustion cars by the year 2030. For a manufacturing company known to exclusively deal in making the most luxurious cars, powered by fuel-thirsty V12s that had to be powerful enough to propel the over-encumbered land yachts to speeds faster than some sports cars, this is certainly a surprising turn of events.

That made us think, what other companies could take the dive into EVs next? While many have made their future plans for electrification known (Volvo, Toyota, Ford, Audi etc.) there are still many question marks out there in the world of motoring. Especially in the world of luxury motoring.

Ferrari Badge

One of the first companies that comes to mind is Ferrari. This Italian marque sits at the very top of the automotive industry, with its reputation for making the very best sports cars that are each lined with luxury to the nth degree, stretching far and wide. One of the main pillars of Ferrari’s brand is its engines. Unlike many other brands, Ferrari creates bespoke engines without borrowing much from other models or from a parent company. When you buy a Ferrari, customers believe that they are buying a bespoke build that was purpose-built from the ground up.

296 GTB Assetto Fiorano

So, if you strip out the very heart of such a car, what are you left with? This is likely the reason why the Chairman of Ferrari himself said that “we will never manufacture an electric car as long as I’m chairman”. Well, that particular Chairman is, well… no longer Chairman. Although Ferrari hasn’t fully embraced the future of EVs, the company has since stated that some electric models will be introduced over the coming years, but no more than 50% of the portfolio will be EVs.

Fabio Lamborghini Huber Era

Lamborghini has also opened up to the idea of producing electric supercars, as have McLaren, Aston Martin and Bugatti recently handed over the reins of control to EV supercar maker, Rimac. Porsche have already made the Taycan, Audi have made the e-tron GT and Lotus’ fastest car (the Evija) is all-electric.

Lotus Evija Assemby Hall

An electric Bentley SUV is on the way, electric Range Rovers are due for 2024 and Ford already has its solution to the electric SUV, the Mach e. Of the main manufacturers, it would seem that there aren’t any that either hasn’t already got an electric model in their portfolio or have one planned for the future.

It would be interesting to see just how these prestigious cars perform on the track in comparison to their petrol engine counterparts. Make sure your track day insurance provides adequate cover before you put your high value car on any race track, just in case.

All-Electric Ford Mustang Mach-E

So this begs the question, is there a manufacturer that has shown absolutely no interest in entering the world of electric cars?

Let us know if any come to mind, in the comments below.

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