Fat is definitely good when it comes to 911s, and over the years only the fastest and most expensive 911s have enjoyed the benefit of a chunked-up, wide-arch tail section. Unless it’s a limited-run car. And for a touch over £90k, this Commemorative 50 Years Edition of the Porsche 911, special edition gets those so sexy wider rear arches, and other goodies. With only 1,963 copies – to remind us of the original launch year of the original 911 – of this car coming to the UK, it’s likely to sell like super-heated Stuttgart hotcakes.

Porsche 911 Feature

Built to be regarded with lust from the rear-three-quarter view, this beefier 911 special is based on the 911 Carrera S model – which is usually a bit of a Slim Jim – but this time with the flared rear arches of a four-wheel drive 911 and the preferable-to-get-more-of-the-engine-power-to-the-wheels, rear-only drive. So, the back wheels will enjoy the full benefit of this car’s 400bhp flat-6 engine, and so will the driver.

Please don’t get me wrong, the four-wheel drive 911 is still a wonder car, but for me, the extra edge and a splash more ‘danger’ of a rear-wheel drive 911 really floats my Porsche boat. Let’s not forget that all Porsche racecars are rear-drivers, so that must be the power delivery of choice; best benefiting chassis weight and lessening any power losses through transmission friction.

Commemorative 50 Years Edition of the Porsche 911

So, an extra-shoulder-padded suit – available in two unique colours for this car; the Geyser Grey metallic shown here and a dark Graphite Grey, plus good ol’ black. This wide-boy 911 will look super-sinister in black. Finishing the special edition suit are some ‘911 50’ badges and details, like the 3D badge on the rear lid, the 3-colour embroidery on the head rests and the logo on the tacho and aluminium sill plates. Of course, like any sweet special, there’s a numbered plaque to remind you and your mates that this car is a little rarer than the average.

Power and performance are far from average either with that aforementioned 400bhp, 3.8-litre flat-6 motor pushing this limited 911 to 62mph in 4.5 seconds (4.3 secs with the PDK gearbox) and a healthy top whack of 186mph. Petrol-paupers needs not apply however, as this sub £100k near-supercar woofs fuel to the tune of 29.7mpg (32.5 mpg with PDK), while CO2 emissions sit at 224g/km, or 205g/km for the early-shifting-unless-you’re-hooning, PDK.

The little details – which for special 911-lovers are just as important as the quick-sprint time – are generously dotted around this limited 911. Inside, we see old-911-inspired touches like the green labelling on the instruments, and white pointer needles and silver caps on the instrument pivot pins. Also harking back are the middle sections of the leather sports seats which are designed with a fabric pattern similar to the old ‘Pepita’ tartan design from the 1960s. The leather interior can be ordered as either Agate Grey or black, and feature 14-way adjustment, with 18-way Sport Seats Plus available as an option. The gear shifter matches the dashboard panels, door and centre console trims; all finished with a brushed aluminium trim from the Porsche Exclusive custom tailoring catalogue, don’t you know.

The wide, rare and highly detailed 911 50 Years Edition is on sale now, priced from £92,257, with deliveries beginning in September.

Commemorative 50 Years Edition of the Porsche 911

Commemorative 50 Years Edition of the Porsche 911

Commemorative 50 Years Edition of the Porsche 911

Commemorative 50 Years Edition of the Porsche 911

Commemorative 50 Years Edition of the Porsche 911


By Dan Anslow


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